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A fresh coat of paint brings momentum to your 4 walls

With new colours you can create a different ambience

In a new house or apartment the walls are usually painted white when you move in. With decorative wall paints you give the rooms individuality and create a personal feel-good atmosphere. Maybe you simply want to redesign your four walls, bring a fresh breeze into your home? With new colours you can create a different ambience...

Tips for paving a stone terrace

Don't forget important preparatory work

A stone terrace offers many positive aspects and scores especially with its design and variety of shapes and colours in connection with a wonderful garden. However, if you want to lay it yourself, you should pay attention to a few points so that the terrace is not only beautified but also remains fully functional. Above all, extensive earthwork needs to be done...

Easy-care indoor plants

These indoor plants do not require a green thumb!

Houseplants make every home more homely. Most people therefore love the green splendour not only in the garden, but also in the house. There is a large selection of house plants. For this reason, everyone can easily find a plant that suits their individual taste. However, especially beginners should make sure that the new roommates are not only pretty but also easy to care for...

Stationary air conditioners - how to use them correctly

Free-standing air conditioners: correctly used for effective cooling

Especially in the hot summer months, the desire to air condition living spaces and the interiors of buildings in general is increasing. Stationary air conditioners offer quick remedies wherever a central air conditioning system is not already available. However, there are a number of aspects to be considered when using these flexible cooling units...

Indoor plants are good for the indoor climate

How to enhance your home!

Whether it's increased heating, conflicts or evaporation from electrical appliances: there are many factors that cause the proverbial "thick air" in your own four walls and worsen the indoor climate. Can air washers, air conditioning or nebulisers help? Before reaching for the next electronics brochure, it makes sense to consider an alternative and cheaper solution: the use of houseplants...

Effective insect protection in house and apartment

Insect protection - Tips for house and flat

Whether flying or crawling - insects in your home are unwanted guests. In order to stop them, it is necessary to take sensible, preventive measures. However, acute control of the intruders also requires a structured approach. With our insect protection tips against flies, mosquitoes, ants and co. you are able to keep your house and apartment insect-free...

Which floor covering is the right one for me

Choose the right floor covering for your home

Choose the right floor covering for your home - the attractiveness of the home and also has a major influence on the climate, footfall sound insulation and the amount of plaster required. For this reason, you should think carefully about which floor covering to choose for a newly built house or in the course of a renovation...

Homeopathy for headaches

Homeopathy - the gentle way to a life without pain

Almost every German suffers from annoying headaches at least now and then. Most then resort to a chemical painkiller. However, these remedies can not only have harmful side effects and make you dependent, but also pollute the environment. There is a more gentle method. Homeopathy...

Sports for at home - Pilates

Fit in your own four walls with Pilates

It's no secret that sport and a healthy diet are essential if you want to stay fit for a long time. However, very few people have enough time to go to the gym or sports club regularly. How about doing something for your mobility within your own four walls at home? Pilates is very well suited for this purpose...

The most beautiful decoration ideas with: straw

Country life close at hand

You would like to discover your furnishing style from scratch or are looking for inspiring ideas? With us you bring country life into your home. We show you tips and tricks for an individual decoration experience with the most natural materials. Find out with us what straw can do. More and more people are looking for the way back to nature. With our ideas for individual decoration we bring...

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