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With the right technique and suitable cleaning agents

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Floors are subject to enormous wear and tear. Nevertheless, they should of course look good. This can be achieved with individual cleaning, because every floor, whether it is made of tiles, laminate, parquet, plastic or carpeting, requires special care. But that does not mean that the house cleaning has to be elaborate! With the right technique and suitable cleaning agents, floor cleaning is easy!
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Important preparatory work
The floor should first be pre-cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or broom. This makes damp mopping easier, because fluff, hair and other coarse dirt does not end up in the mopping water. This also prevents scratches from appearing when cleaning.

PVC and linoleum
Plastic floors are robust and therefore easy to clean. You can add an all-purpose cleaner or soft soap to the cleaning water. This helps to dissolve dirt and grease, which can occur in the kitchen directly in front of the stove. Use a scrubbing brush with mop, a floor mop or a mop. Afterwards you can use a gloss care. It seals the surface and has a dirt-repellent effect.

Floor tiles
Tiles can lose their shine over time. In addition, lime stains quickly appear in the bathroom. The surfaces should be wiped with a soft cloth to avoid scratching them. A dishwashing detergent or all-purpose cleaner can be added to the warm water used for wiping. Even stubborn stains are dissolved well in this way. A vinegar-based cleaner reliably removes lime stains. The joints can be cleaned well with a water-soda mixture and a brush. From time to time you can also use the steam cleaner in your home. But not too often, so that the joints are not damaged.

Laminate and cork
These floor coverings may at best be wiped lightly with a damp cloth. If too much water is used, the material would otherwise swell. Wiping cloths or mops must therefore be wrung out so that they are only slightly damp. The cleaner should be quick-drying and especially suitable for laminate and cork. Laminate floor care is recommended, which forms a wafer-thin protective layer. It can also provide a beautiful shine. There are also gentle special care products for cleaning sealed or oiled cork floors in your home.

Parquet and floorboards
Real wood floors, which are sealed or lacquered, prove to be durable and robust. Cleaning the floor in your home is easy. After pre-cleaning, you can clean the floors with a slightly damp mop. When using microfibre cloths, make sure that they are suitable for wooden floors. A cleaner with wax protects and maintains the wood. You should also treat oiled parquet with an oil-based care product at intervals.

Stone floors
Natural stone floors, whether polished or natural with a rough surface, can react sensitively to certain cleaning agents. For example, you should not use vinegar cleaner in your home to clean the floor. The acid damages the stone. Instead, use a special stone floor cleaner that has a neutral pH value. Do not use scratchy scouring sponges for cleaning!

Carpet and carpeting
If you have carpets in your home, they should be thoroughly vacuumed regularly with a vacuum cleaner. This is best done with a carpet brush. Loose carpets can also be worked on outdoors with a carpet beater. Afterwards the fine dirt is easier to vacuum. Stains, if they are fresh, can be removed with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.
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You should always try out stain removers in an inconspicuous corner beforehand, as they may cause colour changes. Special carpet cleaning agents are recommended for thorough floor cleaning. They are available as spray or powder. Steam cleaning also removes dirt thoroughly and brightens the colours again. After floor cleaning you can apply an impregnating agent. It has a long-lasting dirt-repellent effect and prevents stains.

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