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The best teas for the autumn

The perfect season to enjoy this invigorating drink

Even though autumn often seems too wet and cold, this part of the year is actually a very beautiful time. Colorful foliage enchants the landscape and finally you find the peace and quiet to read a good book or relax with a hot cup of tea. Sweet fruits, fragrant herbs and digestible spices give the drink a beguiling aroma and provide new energy. Some ingredients are particularly suitable for the...

The perfect roast pork

Prepare roast pork perfectly - Tips, tricks and recipe ideas

Tips, tricks and recipe ideas - there are plenty of recipes for roast pork. But what is important to ensure that they are guaranteed to succeed? A few basics and a few clever tips will help you to cook. No matter which recipe you choose, you will get three stars from your guests for the next festive roast!

Stick bread at the campfire with children

Adventurous campfire stories and delicious bread on a stick

Whether with the scouts, in a tent camp or in the garden at home: bread on a campfire with children is a must! You can easily prepare this popular snack yourself and in many variations. And in the great outdoors, some ingredients can even be incorporated into an adventurous game. To sit around a fireplace is practically in the genes of humans...

Recipes for homemade ice cream

From raspberry milk ice cream to vegan Nicecream

On average Germans eat almost 8 litres of ice cream, i.e. 113 scoops a year. The varieties vanilla, chocolate and nut are particularly popular. In addition, unusual creations such as strawberry balsamic vinegar, Matcha, pumpkin nougat or peanut pretzels are created every year. But not only the ice cream parlours and supermarkets provide you with delicious ice cream, you can also make your own variations...

Three quick buffet ideas for your garden party

Time for an unforgettable summer

We have been waiting for summer for what feels like an eternity, finally it is here. Lazy summer evenings make you want to spend time together and preferably outside. There are many occasions for a garden party. Of course there is no garden party without a buffet! As a host you want to have something from the evening yourself and not be busy running back and forth all evening...

Dietary trends 2020

New decade - new body awareness!

Good intentions are piling up: Finally do something for your body! But now really lose weight! Diets and dietary trends are a popular topic of conversation around the turn of the year, as they are every year. And of course everyone wants to start the new decade with a healthy, fit body. What are the diet trends 2020? How will food and drink change?...

Portobello burger recipes

Everybody loves burgers - Hurray for the Portobello burger

Do you like to cook and enjoy eating and drinking together with friends? Autumn is coming and with it the mushroom season. Recipes with mushrooms are in peak season again. That's why we've come up with some great ideas for a Portobello burger for you. You love to try new things and are already looking forward to the mushroom season? You can, because the choice is huge...

The most delicious plum cake recipes

Sweet cake parade with cheeky little fruits

Matching the late summer harvest variety, the blue-violet fruits present themselves colourful, delicious and deliciously seductive. Plums are ideal for baking, as they retain most of their shape. A delicious plum cake is a classic in the kitchen, which tastes good to young and old and can be enjoyed without regret. Because plums not only taste good, they are also healthy...

Sugar - What alternatives are there?

The Truth About Sugar Replacement

From Stevia to Coconut Flower Sugar - Among other things, the consumption of sugar causes fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, stomach and intestinal disorders, hair loss, skin diseases, lack of concentration and sleep disorders. This is why more and more Germans are deciding either to eliminate sugar from their own diet at short notice as part of a "30-day sugar-free...

Bread boxes made of plastic, glass or stainless steel ?

Eat well on the way - with bread boxes made of plastic, glass or stainless steel

Vesper or lunch to go? For those who want to take their food from home for lunch break & Co., stable bread or lunch boxes are virtually indispensable. The reusable boxes not only guarantee a meal without pollutants and garbage, but can also be filled individually and healthily. You can choose between these variants and materials...

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