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Pure thrill and even more fun with water skiing and wakeboarding

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Water skiing and wakeboarding are two classic fun sports that combine breathtaking stunts with high speeds and excellent body control. Both water sports activities promise pure adrenaline and today it is impossible to imagine German waters without them.
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The history of sports
Wakeboard is a water sport that developed in the 1980s from surfing and water skiing. The co-founders are considered to be the water skier Jimmy Redman and the surfer Tony Finn, who slightly modified their boards completely independently of each other. The boards of both sportsmen were equipped with foot straps, which were converted into bindings on today's wakeboards. With this concept, bow waves should be used efficiently in this water sport.

How do water ski and wakeboard work?
With water skiing and wakeboarding you are pulled over the water by a jet ski or a motorboat. In the meantime, so-called cables - these are water ski lifts - have also been developed to transport water sports enthusiasts. Motorboats can reach speeds of 35 to 39 km/h for water skiing or wakeboarding. Lifts, on the other hand, achieve maximum speeds of 27 to 32 km/h.

Differences between the sports
There are small differences between the two sports. For example, in wakeboarding, athletes position themselves to the side of the direction of travel and fasten their seat belts on the board. In water skiing, on the other hand, two skis are used, on which water sportsmen move straight to the direction of travel. A modified method of water skiing is the so-called kneeboard. In this sport, athletes kneel down to be moved by a motorboat or cable.

The most beautiful locations
These sports have become so well established throughout Germany that you can pursue your passion for water sports in almost all areas of Germany. The interest of Germans in the fun sports is even so great that no other country has a greater density of water ski lifts and wakeboard facilities than this country.

Some of the most famous facilities are located in Heuchelheim, Kiefersfelden, St. Leon-Rot, Langenfeld or Nethen. But also in bigger cities like Leipzig, Hamburg, Wolfsburg or Paderborn water ski and wakeboard facilities invite you to a lively and adventurous fun. At these facilities you can draw from a large repertoire of offers. For example, at the water ski facility on Leipzig's Kulkwitz Lake you pay 18 euros for a one-hour ticket on weekends and public holidays. At the Beachclub Nethen, adults can devote a day to water skiing and wakeboarding for 33 euros. A reasonable price for lots of fun on the water.
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A special experience: Wakeboarding on a river
A large part of the water ski and wakeboard facilities are at home on German lakes. But also on some German rivers nothing stands in the way of water sports fun. Whether on the Danube, Rhine or Main - wakeboard spots are set up everywhere.

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