The best Halloween decoration ideas for garden and terrace

You can find particularly beautiful decoration ideas here

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For many people, Halloween has become something of a fifth season - at least when it comes to decorating the garden or patio with spooky decorations. What was once considered a typical American trend is now more popular than ever in Germany: Halloween. You can find particularly beautiful decoration ideas here.
The most beautiful Halloween decoration ideas for garden and patio - Girls hollowing out pumpkins© detailblick-foto / Fotolia

Lanterns with creepy potential
Lanterns are not only versatile as decoration on Halloween, but also dip the terrace, the garden or the entrance area of the house in warm, cozy candlelight. If you don't want to make the lanterns yourself, you can of course buy ready made lanterns and then decorate them with creepy plastic spiders or dried autumn leaves.

If you want to make the lanterns, all you need is a large preserving jar without lid and a light-colored cloth in which you wrap the jar. By wrapping the white cloth around the jar so that it looks like a wound dressing, you can create particularly creepy effects. A tealight inside the homemade lantern creates a flickering glow that adds even more atmosphere to the ambience.

Huge spider webs give guests goose bumps
The ingeniously woven webs of the spiders can be easily recreated. Get a few meters of white cord and either search the internet for close-ups of real webs or get inspired directly by nature. By forming a large triangle from the string and filling the resulting shape with hexagons or octagons, you can create deceptively real spider webs. Depending on where the webs are attached, you can scare the hell out of your visitors on Halloween.

The classic: Carved pumpkins
Pumpkins in different sizes and shapes can also be used wonderfully as decoration for Halloween. If you bring some skill for the artful carving, the pumpkins can be much more than just broad smiling faces. Draw the desired motif on a piece of paper and place it on the pumpkin while carving. This procedure makes the process much easier and works on the same principle as tracing.
The most beautiful Halloween decoration ideas for garden and terrace - Pumpkin lamps© Pavel Chernobrivets / Fotolia

Ghosts, bats and co. made of cardboard
If you want to make Halloween decorations together with your children, simple cardboard is the best choice. Black, orange and white sheets can be cut into funny ghosts and other creepy creatures using a suitable template. The faces are simply painted on. Glued on a wooden stick, these self-made figures can be put either in the soft earth in the garden or in a flower pot on the terrace.

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