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Building a bird house for the winter by yourself

Build your own bird house - not that hard!

A bird house brings a lot of joy for young and old, especially in winter. Watching different species in and around the bird house is especially fun from the window. In addition, the feathered visitors are happy if they find a little extra food in your garden in the cold winter. If you do not want to buy the bird house, you can build it yourself - and it is not as difficult as you might think...

How do I make my bike fit for winter ?

Make your bike winterproof

Especially in busy cities, the bicycle becomes an indispensable companion. If you also use this practical means of transport, whether on the way to work or in your free time, you will certainly appreciate the advantages of a bicycle. But what to do if you don't want to do without your bike even in winter, in snow and ice? How to prepare your bike well for the cold days, you will learn in the...

Maintaining door rubbers in the car

Door rubbers properly - with these tips it works

The door rubbers are there to seal the gap between the car door and the body of the vehicle and thus keep wetness and dirt but also wind out. To ensure that they can do this in high quality for a long time, you should clean and maintain them regularly. There are a number of aspects to consider when choosing the means used. You have these seals not only on the door of your car, but also...

Warm bed linen in winter - Which materials are the best?

How about beaver bedding?

Winter has its beautiful sides: Snowball fight, glittering sunbeams or the tingling feeling on the skin after a winter walk. Less beautiful are cold hands, clammy feet and a chill all over your body. The thought of your own bed with cuddly bed linen makes you feel warm. The right bed linen ensures a restful sleep even in winter, because the material of the duvet cover changes with the rhythm of the...

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