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Easy-care indoor plants

These indoor plants do not require a green thumb!

Houseplants make every home more homely. Most people therefore love the green splendour not only in the garden, but also in the house. There is a large selection of house plants. For this reason, everyone can easily find a plant that suits their individual taste. However, especially beginners should make sure that the new roommates are not only pretty but also easy to care for...

Mould on the wall - What to do

What to do if mould grows in the house

Mould can grow in rooms with too high humidity. Incorrect ventilation and heating contribute to a poor indoor climate. Various building defects can also be the cause. Since this can be a health hazard, you should definitely take action! Check the air humidity in your house and take countermeasures if it is permanently too high and the first signs of mould growth appear...

Floor cleaning at home - made easy

With the right technique and suitable cleaning agents

Tips for cleaning at home - floors are subject to enormous wear and tear. Nevertheless they should look good, of course. This can be achieved with individual cleaning, because every floor, whether it is made of tiles, laminate, parquet, plastic or carpeting, requires special care. But that does not mean that the house cleaning has to be elaborate! With the right technique and suitable cleaning agents, floor cleaning is easy!

Maintaining door rubbers in the car

Door rubbers properly - with these tips it works

The door rubbers are there to seal the gap between the car door and the body of the vehicle and thus keep wetness and dirt but also wind out. To ensure that they can do this in high quality for a long time, you should clean and maintain them regularly. There are a number of aspects to consider when choosing the means used. You have these seals not only on the door of your car, but also...

Useful cleaning tips with Youtube Hacks

No matter whether it is the bathroom, the kitchen or the hallway

Cleaning is not exactly an activity that brings a lot of pleasure. Especially if you have to resort to chemical-contaminated cleaners from the supermarket. There are promising hacks and cleaning tips on the Internet, such as on YouTube, which you should try out
when you get the chance. Which hacks and cleaning tips YouTube for example offers you will find out in the following text...

Perfect for spring cleaning: Window cleaning robot

This cleaning robot works well

Spring cleaning as easy as never with a window cleaning robot The spring cleaning is due and with it the tiresome work of cleaning the windows. For larger apartments and houses, a lot of time must be planned for this. Moreover, cleaning is exhausting. A window cleaning robot can do the job for you. You can clean windows more often without limiting your precious free time...

Drain glogged? What can we do?

Drain glogged - and now?

If the drain is clogged, this causes occasional panic flights under the morning shower. Apart from a feeling of discomfort, the question of the right solution also arises. So what do you do if the drain is suddenly blocked and you stand ankle-deep in the water? In some cases, it is advisable to use a professional pipe cleaning service. Especially when old pipe systems are involved and there is a risk...

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