The most beautiful decoration ideas with: straw

Country life close at hand

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Would you like to discover your furnishing style from scratch or are you looking for inspiring ideas? With us you bring country life into your home. We show you tips and tricks for an individual decoration experience with the most natural materials. Find out with us what straw can do.
The most beautiful decoration ideas with: straw / self-made decoration© Heike Rau / Fotolia

Decorate naturally
More and more people are looking for the way back to nature. With our ideas for individual decoration we bring nature back to you. After all, design not only influences the room, but also the feeling within that room. That is why natural elements are currently very much in vogue. They radiate cosiness, well-being and a pleasant scent. Many associate these with a feeling of vacation. Create a touch of country life in your own four walls with simple means.

Create your own little piece of country holiday with our ideas made of straw:
It's so green... The trend is on the meadow. With stalks and flowers you can create a cosy atmosphere all year round. For example, mix straws with some colourful straw flowers and tie them together to form a wreath. An eye-catcher for the dining table is a arrangement of straws, peppered with a few delicate flowers and moss. Of course, the classic bouquet of flowers should not be missing. Combine green fern with a few stalks of straw and seasonal flowers. Your family and friends will be delighted with your new decoration.

My wickerwork... Natural pieces of furniture emphasize the cosy living. Our tip is a straw basket. It can be used as a storage basket for blankets and pillows or, in a small format, as a lamp. Simply turn the basket over, drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of the basket and thread the cable through it. Then screw in the bulb. As a pretty single piece above the dining table it will not miss its effect.

From old to new... A variation for self made unique pieces are vases bound from straws. By using varnish it is possible to form the straws into shapes and to preserve them for a longer time. To make it easier, simple ropes of straw can be made into individual vases.

For the vase you need the following materials:
 • a base
 • one vessel
 • Adhesive (depending on the material of the vessel)
 • a long rope

Spread out the underlay in front of you so that no adhesive stains will damage the substrate. As a container we recommend a bulbous or curved version. The shape accentuates the rural stem even more. Then place the vessel on the base in front of you. Start at the bottom edge of the vessel. There you fix one end of the rope with some glue and let it dry. Then wrap the rope around the rest of the vase.

Take care not to use too much glue, so that the rope does not get soaked. Work your way up bit by bit until the rope is completely attached to the vase. Cut the top end straight so that no fringes appear. Then glue it to the row below so that the end piece is hardly visible. Let it dry until the glue has completely hardened. You have done it: your new unique straw piece is ready.
The most beautiful decoration ideas with: Straw / Hearts of straw© PhotoSG / Fotolia

There are hardly any limits to the design with straw. Whether as a converted piece of furniture, flowery decoration or as a specially created individual item. Straws are more than a compressed bale in the field. They stand for warm colours and a feeling of naturalness in your own four walls. Give it a try. Are you looking for more great ideas? Then we look forward to continuing to inspire you with the latest trends. Get the perfect feeling at home.

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