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Building a bird house for the winter by yourself

Build your own bird house - not that hard!

A bird house brings a lot of joy for young and old, especially in winter. Watching different species in and around the bird house is especially fun from the window. In addition, the feathered visitors are happy if they find a little extra food in your garden in the cold winter. If you do not want to buy the bird house, you can build it yourself - and it is not as difficult as you might think...

The best Halloween decoration ideas for garden and terrace

You can find particularly beautiful decoration ideas here

For many people Halloween has become something like a fifth season - at least when it comes to decorating the garden or terrace with spooky decorations. What was once considered a typical American trend is now more popular than ever in Germany: Halloween. You can find particularly beautiful decoration ideas here. Lanterns are not only versatile as decoration on Halloween...

Tips for paving a stone terrace

Don't forget important preparatory work

A stone terrace offers many positive aspects and scores especially with its design and variety of shapes and colours in connection with a wonderful garden. However, if you want to lay it yourself, you should pay attention to a few points so that the terrace is not only beautified but also remains fully functional. Above all, extensive earthwork needs to be done...

The most beautiful decoration ideas for your garden in autumn

Autumnal decoration for your garden

The transition between summer and autumn is a very good opportunity to prepare not only the decoration in the house but also the garden for the change of seasons. With a little creativity, you can give your property a typical autumnal touch in no time at all, so that the decorations match the colourful autumn leaves and the balding trees...

Make creative gift wrappings yourself

Giving joy with individual gift packaging - giving is fun.

Even more joy is provided by a self-made packaging, because it makes the gift unique. Gifts can be wrapped creatively and in a variety of ways with just a few means. Natural packaging is ecological and aesthetic. They are the ideal alternative to purchased wrapping paper and convince with an individual character. The gift is embedded in a rectangular or square package, which is...

The most beautiful decoration ideas with: straw

Country life close at hand

You would like to discover your furnishing style from scratch or are looking for inspiring ideas? With us you bring country life into your home. We show you tips and tricks for an individual decoration experience with the most natural materials. Find out with us what straw can do. More and more people are looking for the way back to nature. With our ideas for individual decoration we bring...

Room scent self-made

Homemade room fragrance

Homemade comfortable room fragrance with natural ingredients Air fresheners improve the air and create a pleasant atmosphere. However, the room scent from the trade usually has chemical ingredients and smells too strong. Therefore, you should create your own room fragrance by hand in your free time. Natural alternatives save money and are quickly made. They are a nice decoration...

Decoration tips for the front door

Beautiful decoration tips for the entrance area and the front door

A beautifully designed entrance door has an inviting effect on house residents and visitors. It is a beautiful eye-catcher in your residential area. The decoration can be bought or you can make it yourself. In any case it should correspond to your personal taste. With the following decoration tips you can always redesign your entrance area. The front door is like a business card...

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