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Homemade room fragrance

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Create your own cosy room fragrance with natural ingredients. Air fresheners improve the air and create a pleasant atmosphere. However, the room scent from the trade usually has chemical ingredients and smells too strong. Therefore, you should create your own room fragrance by hand in your free time. Natural alternatives save money and are quickly made. They are a nice decoration and smell discreetly of your favourite scent. Here are some ideas for you!
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Room diffuser with mediterranean scent
This is needed:
1 small decorative glass bottle with narrow neck
3 wooden sticks
150 ml rape oil
10 drops of orange or lemon essential oil

Pour the rapeseed oil and the essential oil into the bottle. Add a few drops first to see how strong the fragrance is. Now dip the sticks briefly in the rape oil and then put them into the bottle with the dry side. Little by little the oil will soak into the wood. But since the tips are already wetted with oil, the scent can develop immediately. The room diffuser is suitable as decoration for the living area.

Air freshener with dried spices
This is needed:
150 g household soda
1 vanilla pod
3 cinnamon sticks
1 tablespoon ground coffee
1 empty jam jar
1 small square air-permeable fabric rubber band

Fill the glass with household soda, stir in the coffee powder and insert the chopped vanilla pod and cinnamon sticks. If the scent is to be stronger, you can also add a few drops of essential oil of the corresponding scent into the glass. Then close the glass opening with the fabric and the rubber band. The room scent is suitable for every room. But it also has a special effect. Coffee and household soda bind odours from cigarette smoke.

Lavender bag
This is needed:
2 handfuls of dried lavender flowers
air-permeable fabric scraps and bast cord zigzag scissors

Cut the fabric by hand with the zigzag scissors into squares of about 20 × 20 centimetres. Place 3 tablespoons of lavender flowers in the middle of each square. Take the corners of the fabric upwards and tie the bast cord around the folded corners. When the scent wears off, you can reactivate it by shaking or pressing the bags. A few drops of lavender oil, applied to the flowers, intensify the fragrance.

Open room scent glasses

This is needed:
4 organic limes
a few stems of mint
some sprigs of rosemary
2 preserving jars of hot water

Cut the limes into pieces and spread them on the preserving jars. Add the mint and rosemary. Fill the glasses with hot water to allow the flavours to develop. This room fragrance is good for the bathroom.

Fragrant orange cleaner
This is needed:
Peel 2 organic oranges
400 ml white vinegar
1 large preserving jar with lid
1 spray bottle
1 sieve

If you eat oranges, make sure you keep the peel, as you can use it for handicrafts. Put the finely chopped peels into the preserving jar. Fill up with vinegar. The closed jar must now rest for 2 weeks. The bowls soak up the vinegar. As soon as the vinegar turns dark, you can filter it out and fill it into the spray bottle.

The Orange Cleaner can be used for kitchen and bathroom, but not for stone surfaces. It has a lime and grease dissolving effect. The orange scent is released during cleaning.

Scent potpourris
This is needed:
dried flowers
dried leaves
dried spices
1 plate or 1 basket
A fragrance potpourri can easily be handmade according to your own ideas in your free time. It is a beautiful decoration.
Room scent homemade - homemade orange cleaner© budabar / depositphotos

Relaxation: lemon balm, lavender blossoms, camomile blossoms, spruce needles
Freshness: lemon peel, mint, rosemary, lemongrass
Concentration: lemon peel, eucalyptus, mint
Good mood: orange peel, cocoa peel, coffee beans
Romance: Rose petals, vanilla, aniseed
Christmas: Orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, star anise

Beautifully arranged fragrance potpourris are suitable for all rooms. Adapt the fragrance to your personal needs!

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