How her Valentine's Day roses stay fresh longer

What a wonderful gesture!

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What a wonderful gesture! You have received a few enchanting roses from your partner for Valentine's Day, but they are slowly letting their heads down? There are tips and tricks that will help you to enjoy the roses you received for Valentine's Day for longer. You can find some help in the article below.
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Tip one: Cut your roses correctly
When you receive roses for Valentine's Day, your partner has purchased them from the florist. The employees usually cut the roses (and other flowers) diagonally at the bottom of the stem. But because of the cut, which can sometimes be several hours old, small bacteria have an easy time.

You should therefore give the roses a fresh cut - you can use it to adapt your roses optimally to your vase and help to ensure that the cut surface is really fresh. However, do not use household scissors, but a sharp kitchen knife. This prevents the water channels in the rose stem from being crushed and the rose from absorbing too little water. Equally "absurd" are tips on how to crush the rose stem with a hammer or similar. By doing so, you will only damage the Valentine's Day roses unnecessarily.

Tip two: fresh water is essential
To ensure that the flowers are still in full bloom and splendour after Valentine's Day, you should make sure that the flowers always have fresh water. Fresh water is rich in nutrients and does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria to spread and attack the flowers. However, before you put the flowers that you have received as gifts in a vase, you should make sure that the vase you prefer is really clean and tidy.

Then change the water of your flowers every day or every two days at the latest. Make sure that no leaves of the flowers get into the water, or dip them into the water, otherwise they will be infected with bacteria. Remove fallen leaves/flowers from the vase and change the water. It is also advisable to always cut the respective flowers freshly when you have renewed the water. In this way, fresh nutrients will reach the flowers. When filling the vase, make sure that at least half of the stems of the flowers are in the water.

Tip three: how to arrange the flowers in the vase?
An equally important factor as the water or the cutting of the flowers is the choice of the right flower vase. Especially with rose types, you should make sure that you use a large, open vase as large as possible. If the vases are too narrow, the flowers will be squeezed together and may rot faster. To be able to unfold and spread out well, the vase should therefore be wide and open at the top. Also make sure that you do not put fresh flowers in the vase with older flowers. The freshest flowers will usually bend more quickly as they "suffer" from the wilting process of the older flowers.

Tip four: the location is important
The rose is not called the "Queen of Flowers" for nothing. Both in care and in its location in the home, the rose likes it royal. This means: protect this type of flower especially from draughts, direct sunlight and too much heat. Place the flowers in a cool, dark and wind-protected place, especially overnight, this will extend the life of your Valentine's gift.
How her Valentine's Day roses stay fresh longer / fresh red roses© AndreySt / depositphotos

If you have "hoarded" the flowers in a suitable place at night, you can arrange the vase during the day without hesitation, for example on the kitchen table or in the living room. An additional, important tip: fruit should not be arranged in the company of rose varieties (or cut flowers in general): Fruit contains a ripening gas called ethylene, which is mainly responsible for the wilting process of flowers. Another tip: florists often include a freshener for the flowers. This should be completely dissolved in water before you put the flowers in the vase.

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