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Tips for foot care at home

This is how you simply care for your feet at home

Whether in summer, spring, autumn or winter: the feet are among the most stressed parts of the body and are subjected to enormous stress every day. Nevertheless, when it comes to personal hygiene, foot care is often neglected in leisure time. In the following text you will find reliable tips for making foot care a feel-good event...

Tips against back pain

Fit in leisure time and in the garden

Almost everyone knows back pain. Lack of exercise, sitting for long periods, gardening in a stooped position or even the wrong shoes - there are many reasons why back pain can occur. About 75 percent of all Germans complain of recurring back pain. Read the following ten tips and learn how to prevent back pain! Do not be tempted to remain in a rest position because of the pain...

Useful cleaning tips with Youtube Hacks

No matter whether it is the bathroom, the kitchen or the hallway

Cleaning is not exactly an activity that brings a lot of pleasure. Especially if you have to resort to chemical-contaminated cleaners from the supermarket. There are promising hacks and cleaning tips on the Internet, such as on YouTube, which you should try out
when you get the chance. Which hacks and cleaning tips YouTube for example offers you will find out in the following text...

Tips for the perfect car polish

This is the best way to polish your car

Whether at work or during leisure time - the car is one of the favourite hobbies of the Germans, and is almost devotedly cared for and maintained. So polishing is also part of the pampering program of your car - with the right car polish. The following article provides you with helpful tips to make your car shine. In order to protect the bodywork from dust, stone chips, dirt, sunlight or...

Decoration tips for the front door

Beautiful decoration tips for the entrance area and the front door

A beautifully designed entrance door has an inviting effect on house residents and visitors. It is a beautiful eye-catcher in your residential area. The decoration can be bought or you can make it yourself. In any case it should correspond to your personal taste. With the following decoration tips you can always redesign your entrance area. The front door is like a business card...

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