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This is the easy way to install your new floor

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For all those who are probably building, or moving into their apartment or house, the question of how the floor will look when it is laid comes up quite quickly. Perhaps you are also faced with this decision and find it difficult to make. However, laying the floor is not that difficult if you follow a few tips and if you have some manual skills, building a house is definitely harder! The following text should therefore help you to shed some light on the subject and give you a little support in the task.
Laying the floor - as easy as that - laminate flooring is laid© lightkeeper / depositphotos

Laying the floor is not the same as laying the floor
Before you get to the floor, you should be aware that there are different floor coverings - starting with parquet, carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl floorboards, laminate flooring, cork flooring, bamboo parquet... So you will notice that the list is quite long and can even be extended at will. Choosing the right floor covering naturally depends on various factors: for example, the right parquet flooring may be more expensive than conventional laminate.

In the children's room, on the other hand, a carpet may be more suitable or because you suffer from a house dust allergy, so personal preferences and budget play a decisive role here. Other circumstances, such as the condition of the house, also play a decisive role, such as whether you can simply lay a new floor "as is" or whether you first have to do some preparatory work, such as levelling the subfloor or whether you want to lay your new floor on tiles (for example in the hallway).

How to lay a laminate floor
When you have bought your desired laminate, you should not lay it immediately, but leave it in the room wrapped in the packages for about two days. This will allow the laminate to acclimatise. Before you can lay the flooring at all, you must install impact sound insulation. Get a footfall sound insulation with a laminated aluminium vapour barrier and glue it on first so that they do not come loose. Before you lay the first laminate sheets, make sure to leave some space at the edge towards the wall, for example by using a few small wedges as spacers.

As the laminate works and expands, it must not "just" lie against the wall like this. Thanks to modern click technology, the laminate can be easily "clicked in" on the long sides, and you can carefully hammer the short sides together a little with a hammer. The laminate parts are then properly joined together when you hear a short "click". Depending on the size of the room, you may have to shorten the laminate parts accordingly to make them fit.

How it works with a carpet
A carpet is not only inexpensive, but also gives your house an incredibly cosy climate in certain rooms, keeps your feet warm and is - depending on colour and quality - easy to clean. In addition, a carpet can be laid well and relatively easily - almost regardless of the existing surface. First roll out the purchased carpet and pull it to the right length so that it does not wrinkle. Use a cutter knife to cut the carpet accordingly when it comes to the door sills. Also make sure to trim the protrusions of the carpet on the door frame accordingly so that it fits exactly.
Laying the floor - just like that - man lays the floor© darknula / depositphotos

Press the carpet firmly into the corners and cut it in appropriately so that it fits. To shorten any excess length, use a cutter knife again - also use an extra carpet rail to press the carpet down beforehand to avoid shortening it too much. If the room is small, you can use double-sided adhesive tape to fix the carpet in place. The skirting boards are fixed at the edge accordingly, or drilled into the wall with dowels. So that the skirting boards cannot be seen later, you can first cut strips from the protruding carpet remnants and stick them to the skirting boards with double-sided adhesive tape.

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