Ants in the house ! What to do?

Effective measures against ants in the house

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If insects are within their own four walls, many people see this as a reason to take active action against the animals. In the case of ants in the house, however, not all measures are equally well suited to achieve long-term success. With the following tips and tricks you can get rid of the unwanted crawling animals quickly and efficiently.
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Preventing an infestation
By preventing the ants from being attracted in the first place, you are on the safe side. Do not leave any food or animal feed open. This applies especially to food that has fallen to the ground. Here ants quickly pick up the weather and find their way into the house together with their fellow ants. Even perfect joints at windows and doors ensure that unwanted insects do not easily get into the house. So-called ant roads will not even form if the path for the insects is made more difficult by structural barriers.

Home remedies against unwanted ants particularly effective
Once the insects have gotten into the house for the first time, you will not be able to do without any aids. However, aggressive chemical agents should always be the last resort. Instead, try tried and tested household remedies that are gentle on both people and the environment. This is especially true if there are children or pets in your household who could accidentally ingest the poison.

Deterring or attracting with food
Baking powder can be mixed with some sugar to build an effective but non-toxic trap for ants. Ants eat this mixture because they cannot resist the sugar. Since they tolerate baking powder extremely badly, they will die from the food. Alternatively, you can try to keep the ants away from your house with the smell of lavender, cloves or juniper. If the insects perceive one of these smells, the fragrant flavours of the food will be masked. In the best case, the little animals are deterred by the aroma to such an extent that they stay away from the house in the future.
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In these cases get external help against ants

If it is the common wood ant or the small, red variant, then the household remedies mentioned above can help. However, if the so-called wood-destroying species are present in your house or in the immediate vicinity, you should consult a building expert. Here acute danger for buildings threatens! Even with very large populations or with certain breeds, it is sometimes unavoidable to hire a pest controller. Pharaoh ants, for example, are considered particularly stubborn.

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