Beautiful summer decoration on the window sill

This way the window sill is decorated summery

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If you want to let off steam with summer decorations, you can place many beautiful things on the windowsill. So that it doesn't get boring, it is advisable to change the decoration according to the season. Here you can find out how to decorate your windowsills especially during the hot summer months. Numerous inspirations leave enough room for your personal taste and creativity.
Beautiful summer decoration on the window sill / window sill decoration© Stephanie Eichler / Fotolia

You should know and observe these rules
No matter what season you want to decorate your window sills for: make sure that every single accessory is chosen with care. It is important to develop a concept for the design in advance. Otherwise, things may be placed on the board indiscriminately that simply won't fit anywhere else. As a result, a colourful hodgepodge is created, which does not achieve the best visual effect.

You should also not forget a practical aspect. It is better to decorate those window sills which are not opened regularly. The slight tilting of the window is also possible with decorations. However, opening the window wide can in the long run mean that the individual elements have to be constantly put away and put back in place. This is annoying! Also radiators or special ventilation systems must not be covered.

Summer decoration in the bedroom

Especially in summer, light colours in combination with lots of fresh green are very good. If you place plants on the windowsill in the bedroom, you will benefit in two ways. Not only the appearance but also the room climate improves noticeably. White pots are best suited to create a summery flair. It is better to place your bets on several small plants than on one large one. Otherwise, the window sill will quickly look overloaded.

Especially in summer, succulents in various shapes are ideal for making the windowsill in the bedroom homely. Curtains in light shades harmonise wonderfully with the light summer decoration. Here you should fall back on light scarves, which only serve as decoration. If the windowsill is very deep or wide, you can also leave out an area and use it as a bedside table. This is of course only suitable if the bed is close to the window.

Summer decoration: Mini garden on the windowsill
The more plants that grow on the windowsill, the more summery the ensemble looks. Especially in the warmer seasons, it is a good idea to decorate the windowsill not only with classic plants from the pot, but also with meadow-flowering plants. Small cut flowers from the florist complete the picture of the blooming meadow and create a natural summer decoration. Here it is up to you whether you want to place the cut flowers in rinsed yoghurt glasses or rather in high glass vases.

Depending on your choice, either a more futuristic or a minimalist effect is created. If you keep your eyes open on trips outdoors, you can also pick the bouquet yourself and arrange it as you wish. Also pay attention to the paths during your walks. You might find the odd stone that can be draped between the plants as a natural summer decoration. Stones make for an interesting look. Especially in summer, however, they should be white or light grey.
Nice summer decoration on the windowsill / a cow with flowers© Monster / Fotolia

Summer scenes on the windowsil
Go to the local hardware store or browse the Internet. Here you will find numerous figures made of clay or porcelain with a summery look. A lady in a swimsuit, apparently sitting under the leaves of your plants, looks good. If the small figures, the plants and other elements harmonize with each other, a small scene can be created on the windowsill. There are no limits to your imagination. For example, to create a mini-park on the windowsill, small indoor fountains are suitable. If you place such a fountain in the middle of different plants, a vivid summer decoration is created. Such small-format backdrops attract all eyes - whether from inside or from the street.

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