Effective insect protection in house and apartment

Insect protection - Tips for house and flat

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Whether flying or crawling - insects in your home are unwanted guests. In order to stop them, it is necessary to take sensible, preventive measures. But acute control of the intruders also requires a structured approach. With our insect protection tips against flies, mosquitoes, ants and co. you are able to keep your house and apartment insect-free!
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The first and simplest tip for prevention is to protect windows and doors. You can protect your windows with insect screens, which are mounted in a tension frame, or inexpensively as fly screens with Velcro tape and thus block the passage of small animals. This offers the advantage that even with wide open windows your house or apartment can remain insect-free. It is more difficult with doors, however, as any precautionary measures here would also block the passage of humans.

Decorative insect protection curtains made of sustainable bamboo, coloured plastics or simple beads keep insects away and at the same time are an eye-catcher for your home. If you prefer a neutral look, you can follow the same procedure as for windows and use a fly screen as a curtain. The disadvantage here is that the curtains always have to be pushed to one side to pass through the door.

In general, when buying fly screens, you should look for a robust and fine-meshed fabric to ensure long lasting protection. Since installation often takes some time, it is worth investing a little more money in the purchase of fly screens. In order to keep away crawling animals such as ants, the sealing of joints and masonry openings as well as the storage of food in airtight containers are prerequisites.

In spite of all preventive measures, insects usually still manage to penetrate a house or apartment and make people feel insecure. The following tips will help you to take measures for acute control. To follow on from the first tip of fly nets, a mosquito net over your bed is a good insect screen. This measure is characterised by easy installation via hooks on the ceiling as well as reliable protection during sleep.
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In addition, the targeted placement of herbs such as lavender, chives, basil or fragrant geraniums is a good idea. The scents of these plants repel mosquitoes. They therefore act as a natural insect repellent. Furthermore, there is the possibility of using insect sprays. They work on the basis of nerve poison and are therefore harmful to animals. Humans can also be damaged by the sprays, so that economical use is mandatory. In case of serious problems, it is advisable to leave the insect protection to specialists.

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