Choosing the right awning

An overview of the most important types

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Awnings are divided into different types, which vary in their extension techniques. A decisive component in the choice of awning depends primarily on the static conditions of your balcony or garden. In addition, another aspect influences the choice of the right awning - your personal taste.
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Articulated arm awnings are the most common models of private housing
The folding arm awning is the most frequently used model in private homes and houses. This type of awning is characterised by a folded pole together with an extended joint. The semi-cassette awning, sleeve awning or cassette awning belong to the category of folding arm awnings. All these awnings for the house are equipped with articulated arms.

The special construction of the half-cassette awning

One example is the semi-cassette awning, in which the fabric is permanently secured and protected by a sleeve in the retracted position. An advantage of the awning type is the relatively large front profile. This detail means that the technology and the fabric are not exposed to the weather from the front.

To a certain extent, a sleeve awning is comparable to a semi-cassette awning. However, this type is somewhat less expensive. The reason for the lower cost of the awning is the construction. Here the sleeve is replaced by a half-cassette. In the retracted position of the half-cassette awning a wide profile is responsible for the protection of the mechanics from the front. This function is performed by a valance in the case of the sleeve awning.

The cassette awning is a typical folding arm awning

The cassette awning is a model also known as a box awning, which combines the greatest advantages of the classic folding arm awning. The box or cassette housing integrated into this awning for the house has the function of completely protecting the awning type from the weather when closed.

In a cassette awning, the complete mechanics as well as the awning cloth are retracted and completely stowed away in the cassette. High-quality housings for this type of awning are not only convincing due to their durability, but also due to structural details such as stable self-supporting profiles.

Special features of the side and drop-arm awning

The choice of awning for your own four walls or business premises should be well thought through. In addition to structural requirements, the choice of the right awning for the house is also influenced by your budget. A plus point of the side awning is the guaranteed sun, wind and privacy protection.
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The so-called drop arm awning for small balconies or windows counteracts overheated interiors. The strength of vertical awnings is their ability to be used as a privacy and sun protection for window fronts. A special form is the conservatory awning, which is adapted to the design of sloping horizontal glass roofs.

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