Drain glogged? What can we do?

Drain glogged - and now?

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If the drain is clogged, this causes occasional panic flights under the morning shower. Apart from a feeling of discomfort, the question of the right solution also arises. So what do you do if the drain is suddenly blocked and you stand ankle-deep in the water? In some cases, it is advisable to use a professional pipe cleaning service. Especially when old pipe systems are involved and there is a risk of a water pipe burst. However, this often costs a lot. If you are clever, you can use effective household remedies to prevent waterlogging.
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Organic instead of chemical
A chemical pipe cleaner is rarely advisable. On the one hand it damages the environment and on the other hand it can strengthen the closure. Hair, soap deposits and dirt become as hard as concrete in contact with the chemical mace - and the damage is at least as great afterwards.

Ask Grandma
Blocked casts have been around forever. People in earlier times did not have synthetic casts at their disposal and still had to solve the problem. So they used kitchen chemicals. 4EL baking soda and 500ml vinegar cleaner dumped into the drain and closed for 2h, the resulting carbon dioxide dissolves the dirt. Afterwards it is essential to rinse with lots of hot boiled water, otherwise the dirt will settle in the siphon.

The simplest of all household remedies for a free drain helps especially with grease deposits in the kitchen drain. Put a shot glass of dishwashing liquid and about a cup of boiling water into the sink, let it work for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water - that's it. This measure is particularly effective and also preventive when used regularly in the kitchen area.

Sometimes mechanics are needed - suction bell
If the drain is clogged and you can't get further with household remedies, there are still mechanical possibilities available.
The suction cup has many names: Pumpfix, Klostampfer, Gummiglocke, Saugstampfer and many more. Before you put the vacuum cleaner on the drain, you let some water run into the pool or tub. Then it is lifted and pushed in an up and down movement.
Drain blocked ? What do we do? - with baking powder© Andrey Popov / Fotolia

The water moves back and forth and loosens hair, soap and food residues. If the suction effect decreases, just let some water run on. If the pipes are stubbornly clogged, often the only solution is to use a drain spiral. In this case, the cleaning spiral is carefully pushed until it is blocked in the pipe and set in motion by means of a (hand) crank. However, improper use can cause damage to the pipes or the ceramic. Therefore applies here: Sensitivity instead of hammer blow. And in no time the water has a clear path again.

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