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The best teas for the autumn

The perfect season to enjoy this invigorating drink

Even though autumn often seems too wet and cold, this part of the year is actually a very beautiful time. Colorful foliage enchants the landscape and finally you find the peace and quiet to read a good book or relax with a hot cup of tea. Sweet fruits, fragrant herbs and digestible spices give the drink a beguiling aroma and provide new energy. Some ingredients are particularly suitable for the...

Tips for paving a stone terrace

Don't forget important preparatory work

A stone terrace offers many positive aspects and scores especially with its design and variety of shapes and colours in connection with a wonderful garden. However, if you want to lay it yourself, you should pay attention to a few points so that the terrace is not only beautified but also remains fully functional. Above all, extensive earthwork needs to be done...

Fresh herbs from our own cultivation

Herb diversity from your own garden

Growing herbs in your own garden has many advantages. Stroke your hand over your herbs and enjoy their fragrance. With these spices you can give your dishes a very special finesse. If you don't have a garden, you can cultivate most herbs in a flower pot on the balcony...

Herbs in the house prefer

Prefer garden herbs on the windowsill

Your own herbs and spices can be preferred on the windowsill. The plants can later be planted in the garden or further cultivated on the balcony. If you do not have this possibility, you can simply leave the potted herbs on the windowsill. The selection of herbs that can be preferred from seeds is larger than the range of herbs available in supermarket...

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