How do I plant an apple tree?

Planting an apple tree: that's the way to do it!

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Planting an apple tree in your own garden is a great way to make your outdoor leisure time even more effective. Firstly, an apple tree is a real eye-catcher when it grows and flourishes and secondly, fresh apples from your own harvest still taste best. If you are planting a fruit tree for the first time, the following tips may help you.
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The right location for your tree
Apple trees love the sun. For this reason you should find a place in your garden that gets enough light all day long. However, because wind does not get this crop at all, it should not grow in the new location. If there is a small wall, hedge or other trees in the immediate vicinity of the young tree that offer protection from the wind, then the place is ideal.

To ensure that the water can run off well at all times, the tree should also either be slightly elevated or at least stand on a flat surface. If useful plants are planted in a hollow, then in the worst case you are wasting your free time. The reason is simple: if the water cannot run off, the roots of the trees will begin to mould over time and thus die. Apple trees are extremely sensitive to waterlogging.

The right substrate for a healthy apple tree in your own garden
The perfect substrate for these crops has a moderate nutrient content. For example, a good mix of one third ordinary garden soil and two thirds compost is suitable. Heavy soils with a certain amount of clay are also possible, provided that the water can drain well at this point in the garden.

You should dig out the soil four to six weeks before planting the tree. The hollow may be between 40 and 60 centimetres deep and around 60 centimetres wide. The soil removed is mixed with compost and later used for planting the useful plants. If you plan to plant the apple tree in the garden at the height of summer, you can water the hole thoroughly right from the start.

Planting the apple tree
You should water the roots of the tree a few hours before planting it in the ground. Damaged root parts may be carefully removed with sharp garden shears. Only then will the tree reach its new location. The tree is positioned in the prepared hole approximately in such a way that the point of the trunk where the tree thickens considerably is above the surface of the ground.

If the tree is still too deep at the beginning, you should invest a little more free time and refill some soil. If everything fits, take the tree out of the ground again to place a planting stake in close proximity to the planting hole. This pole will give the young tree support. Then you insert the tree and fill the hole with the prepared soil.

To give the tree a little more support in the ground, you can walk on the loose soil and press it down with your feet. Afterwards, the tree is attached to the pole with a coconut rope or a thin wire. Make sure that this fastening does not cut into the trunk, which is still sensitive at the beginning. To ensure that nothing can slip off, you should also fix the rope or wire with a cramp.
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Care after planting
Immediately after inserting the tree into the hole in the ground, it is watered with at least three large watering cans full of fresh water from the tap, or even better from the water barrel. To make sure that you have invested your free time wisely and that the tree is growing as splendidly as possible, you should cut the tree. All lateral shoots should be shortened by about half. If individual shoots grow too steeply, you should also remove them. By doing this, you will ensure that new shoots will grow in a very short time and will soon bear fruit.

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