Natural visual protection through ivy

The ivy as a natural privacy screen

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In private gardens ivy is often used as a natural privacy screen. In addition to its practical use, the plant also has an aesthetic appeal, as the greenery has a natural look and at the same time protects against prying eyes. The fast-growing and evergreen plant makes hardly any demands on the location and, if cared for properly, quickly serves as a reliable privacy screen.
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The advantages of a privacy screen made of ivy
Ivy convinces through easy care and natural appearance. Where it is difficult for other climbing plants to thrive, ivy feels good. Although the plant feels more at home in semi-shady to shady locations, it also thrives in sunny surroundings without any problems. The climbing plant does not place any special demands on the soil, only needs to be fertilised rarely and only watered in very dry conditions. While other climbing plants wither away in winter, the evergreen plant also provides a reliable screen for the garden or terrace in winter.

And all of this without any climbing aid, because the plant is a so-called self-taker and grows upwards with the help of adhesive roots. In particular, the strong growth of the plant promises excellent privacy and thus offers more privacy on the patio or in your own garden. At the same time, the climbing plant remains rather narrow in growth and is therefore also ideally suited for small gardens. The long life span makes the purchase and cultivation of the plant an extremely worthwhile investment.

The different design possibilities
With a privacy screen made of ivy plants, the design possibilities are also diverse. To achieve a lively design on the terrace or in the garden area, the plant is often combined with other elements in a decorative way. For example, the climbing plant can grow high on the garden fence, but a combination of trellis and privacy screens is also particularly attractive.

Ivy can also be used to create an independent and continuous green hedge. This looks particularly natural and serves as an excellent privacy screen. A simple construction with a wire mesh is particularly suitable for a terrace and also makes the plant stand wonderfully in the centre of attention. By the way, ivy is particularly effective in combination with wooden elements.
Natural privacy protection through ivy - in front of the windows © korkeng / Fotolia

Planting and care of the ivy
Once the location and arrangement of the ivy plant has been determined, it is placed in the planting hole. The roots of the ivy can be extensive, so if possible they should not be restricted by other plants or adjacent walls. The plant should be cut back twice a year at the beginning. This stimulates the growth strongly and the visual protection in the garden is quickly implemented. In addition, the ivy plant requires hardly any care.

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