Create waters in your own garden

Creating a pond in the garden quickly and easily

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Many dream of their own little pond or a waterfall in the garden, but do not dare to implement this project. It is very simple and does not even have to cost a lot of money. You should, however, consider beforehand whether the garden pond will only be an ornament or whether it should be filled with fish later. A fish pond requires a minimum depth of about 80 centimetres and possibly an ice-free holder. The film must also be suitable for fish. PE-LD film, which is normally available in black or olive and in various thicknesses, is best suited for this purpose. Depending on the size of the pond, you will need one or more helpers to lay out the film.
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Preparations for laying out a watercourse
First you have to dig out the soil for the pond in the desired area in the garden, so that different depth zones are created. On one side, the bank should be shallower so that animals that accidentally fall into the pond can come out safely. For fish, a deep zone of at least 80 to 120 centimetres is appropriate if they are to spend the winter in the pond.

The prepared ground must be free of roots and sharp stones. If necessary, a layer of sand can be helpful. When you have finished, you can measure the pond and determine the need for liner and pond fleece for your water. If the watercourse is to be created on an embankment, an embankment mat that can be planted later can be helpful.

The foil and fleece must protrude a few centimetres from the bank so that you can fix it with a bank mat and stones. An embankment mat creates a harmonious transition towards the garden. Plants can later settle on it. Together with an embankment mat, it protects the watercourse against erosion and soil infiltration into the water.

Pond pumps in garden water and small waterfalls
There are various filters and water features available for a watercourse in the garden. The pumps and filters should match the amount of water to be circulated. A small pond of up to 1000 litres may do without filters if it contains the right water plants and is regularly maintained.
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A solar panel with pump is useful, which provides additional aeration in the pond in summer. In gardens with a slope you can create a small waterfall. There are matching sets with pump for this purpose, which look very similar to a natural watercourse. You can also design the watercourse with foil and stones and use prefabricated ponds, but this is more expensive.

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