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Sowing in August

Is August - too late for sowing? No!

For many fruits and vegetables, the middle of summer is certainly too late for sowing, as many things can already be harvested, such as chillies, cucumbers and tomatoes, but there is still a wide range of crops that should only be sown now or that can be sown over several months and ideally harvested several times per season...

Tips for a summer party for children

That's how the garden party becomes an unforgettable experience

When the sun laughs from the sky in summer, the birds sing and the temperatures climb up, then it cannot be missed: a summer party for the children. With these tips, the party in your own garden is quickly organised and will be remembered by your kids and their friends for a long time. Fact is: the right decoration is the be-all and end-all of any party, as it gives the party the right setting...

Beautiful summer decoration on the window sill

This way the window sill is decorated summery

If you want to let off steam in summer decoration, you can put many beautiful things on the window sill. So that it does not become boring, the change of the decoration offers itself depending upon season. Here you can find out how to decorate your window sills especially during the hot summer months. Numerous inspirations leave enough room for your personal taste and creativity...

Sushi homemade - The perfect summer dish

Recipes for Sushi easy to implement at home

Do you love fresh fish and would you like to eat light, especially in summer? Then homemade sushi is just the right thing for you. If you have always bought this Asian delicacy, then we can assure you: Homemade Sushi is easy and costs considerably less! In addition, you can decide for yourself which new recipes you want to try out in your free time. If the recipes are to be prepared in a...

SOS - Hay fever in summer

How to survive the summer despite hay fever

While most people look forward to the summer, others are gripped by the sheer horror. If you suffer from hay fever, then you should know a few tips and tricks to help your health in the event of an acute allergy. Then maybe you can look forward to the hot, sunny season again in the future. If you experience an allergy for the first time in the middle of summer, you often cannot properly classify...

Summer decoration ideas for home

With this decoration you will bring summer into your home

The warm season not only invites you to relax and enjoy, it is also the ideal season to bring your home to life with great decorations. Find out here how to create new favourite places in the garden or on the balcony and how to bring summer into your home with fresh flowers, trendy colours and airy home textiles! The fact is: summer stands for pure lightness. The airy summer feeling should...

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