Tips for a summer party for children

That's how the garden party becomes an unforgettable experience

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This is how the garden party becomes an unforgettable experience In summer, when the sun laughs from the sky, the birds sing and the temperatures climb up, it is not to be missed: a summer party for the children. With these tips, the party in your own garden is quickly organised and will be remembered by your kids and their friends for a long time.
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Decoration for the garden party
The fact is: the right decoration is the be-all and end-all of any party, as it gives the celebration the right setting. If you want to surprise your children with an open-air party, you should go for colourful accessories when it comes to decoration and add some colour. Colourful balloons, lanterns and garlands not only decorate the garden, but also make all children's hearts beat faster. Colourful napkins also quickly spread a good mood and decorate every table, which is why they should not be missing at any summer party.

Important: Make sure you plan enough seating for the little guests in advance. Tip: A large picnic blanket is quickly spread out on any lawn and can replace a table in no time at all.

Games for the children's party in the garden
Good to know: To make the summer party in the garden cheerful, no elaborate programme is necessary. Just a few attractions are therefore enough to captivate the children and create an exuberant atmosphere. The reason: children prefer to play freely and therefore do not need as many attractions as their parents often think.

Sand: Most children love digging and playing with sand toys! All they need is a large pile of sand in a shady place in the garden and the sandy fun can begin. Tip: Why not send the kids on an exciting treasure hunt by hiding little treasures like marbles or glass nuggets in the sand. The little treasure hunters can then take the found objects home at the end of the summer party.

Water: As it often gets hot at a summer party, a large pool provides a welcome cool-down for older children. Waterballs, spray guns or water bombs are also a must at any garden party. Little water rats will be delighted with several small inflatable paddling pools and soap bubbles. Tip: In combination with a lawn sprinkler, an obstacle course becomes an exciting and refreshing experience for the kids!

Food & drinks - Ideas for the summer party
With so much play, fun and excitement, your stomach starts to growl! Cakes, muffins & Co. always go down well with hungry party guests and can be prepared wonderfully a few days before the garden party and stored in the freezer. The day before the children's party you can simply defrost the delicacies. For the small hunger in between, it is best to serve small morsels of raw vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers or kohlrabi. For the party in the garden, it is a good idea to serve the children homemade lemonade lemonade to quench their thirst.
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Simply squeeze an orange and mix the juice of the fruit with one litre of cold water. Then add ice cubes and peppermint leaves - the cool summer drink for little party guests is ready! When the dinner time is approaching, close the summer party with a campfire, which the boys and girls will surely remember long after the party is over. What could be better than sitting together around a crackling fire on a warm summer evening and baking wonderfully fragrant and crispy stick bread on wooden skewers? The dough for the small breads is prepared in no time and can be made either sweet with honey or hearty with diced ham, depending on taste. It's party time!

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