Playing the piano - How to get started

Learn to play the piano: It's easier that way!

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If you can play the piano, you have mastered an instrument that makes many people go into raptures. Both children and adults can get enthusiastic about this great hobby. However, as with many other things, here it is also: All beginnings are difficult! If you would like to learn more about the subject, the following tips can certainly make the start a little easier.
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Playing the piano - piano school or private teacher?

If you want to learn to play this great instrument in the most sociable way possible, you should find out about the local conditions. Surely there is a public music school directly in your village or in the immediate vicinity. They usually offer special courses for beginners, which do not overtax the students. Children can also take part in group courses, which are also offered at primary schools, for example.

Here they get to know other interested people and practicing together is an additional incentive. However, the lessons are more effective if you or your child take part in individual lessons. You do not have to go to a public school for this, but can also ask a private teacher to teach you at home. Of course, this is only possible if you have your own piano.

Adults and children can still learn new things
Of course it is not true that only children can learn new instruments. However, if children come into contact with notes and sounds at a very early age, they generally learn a new instrument more easily as adults. If you have children, it is best to include them in the exercises. Making music on the piano is much more fun together anyway.

If you have never owned an instrument before and only acquired a taste for it as an adult, all options are still open to you now. With a little effort and pleasure in practicing, playing the piano still works even at an advanced age and trains the coordination between eye, hand and brain. Playing an instrument even protects against dementia!
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You need this equipment

If you have never played the piano before, then you should avoid big purchases at first. To practice in a music school or with a teacher at home, it is quite sufficient if you have the necessary motivation - you won't need more than that in the first weeks or months. If it turns out that you will also enjoy this hobby in the long term, you can also buy your own piano. To save money, you should fall back on a used model and don't forget the matching piano stool or piano bench.

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