Playing the accordion - How to get started

Learning to play the accordion

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Anyone who can play an instrument is allowed to delight himself and good friends with the music. However, it takes time until children or adults master a musical instrument. If you feel like sacrificing a small part of your free time, the following tips will help you to learn bit by bit how to play this great instrument. And with a little more practice, the fun will come!
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Easy access for adults and children
Whether you are already an adult or would like your child to learn to create beautiful music on the accordion is not important at first. In order to get to know the instrument in a relaxed way from the very beginning, beginners should not overtax themselves. Get to know the accordion in peace and quiet if you have never held such an object in your hands before.

Especially for beginners it is not important to have a comprehensive knowledge of notation. It is much more important that you acquire a high-quality accordion that is suitable for beginners. If you are not yet sure whether you want to spend your free time with music in the long run, then you should not overstretch your budget at this point. For the beginning it is enough to buy a used musical instrument. Especially the piano accordion is ideal for learning to play. It has 25 keys on the right side and another 45 keys on the top.

Before you use the instrument in your free time, you should first familiarize yourself with the unknown object. If you are already an adult, you can do this all by yourself. If your child wants to learn how to play, you should explain the structure roughly. This is not as complicated as is often assumed: For one thing, there is the so-called bellows. This is the wrinkled middle part that contracts and moves apart while playing. Furthermore, the instrument consists of a harmony, the bass and the air valve. The corresponding knobs let air escape from the accordion and thereby produce the tones.

Finding the right model for your leisure time
An accordion with 48 basses is suitable for adults. In order not to overtax children, one should fall back on a model with 12 bass keys and 25 treble keys. The smaller instruments are not only better suited to the delicate physique of children, but are also somewhat less complicated to handle.

The piano accordion already recommended above is lighter than many other types of accordion. For this reason the instrument is suitable if you have no practice and only want to play in your free time. Nevertheless, a wide variety of musical pieces can be played here. If necessary, you can buy another model later if the hobby is fun in the long term.

Learning to play the instrument comfortably
If you have a suitable accordion, hold it against your body during the first practice so that the keys point away from your chest. If you are an adult, but still unsure of how to use it, let a second person help you. Children can cope better with the initially bulky musical instrument if you help to put it on. Before you start playing, you should be aware of the following: The left arm moves vertically and horizontally. The right arm, however, only moves vertically.
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Assume the correct posture and position
Before you try to play your own music from the accordion for the first time, you should find a suitable position. While some people prefer to play music standing up, other accordion players sit down. It is best to try both variations and choose the one you feel more comfortable with. In both positions, make sure that your upper body does not hang forward. Once you have found a comfortable position, the first few hours of practice can begin!

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