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How do I make my bike fit for winter ?

Make your bike winterproof

Especially in busy cities, the bicycle becomes an indispensable companion. If you also use this practical means of transport, whether on the way to work or in your free time, you will certainly appreciate the advantages of a bicycle. But what to do if you don't want to do without your bike even in winter, in snow and ice? How to prepare your bike well for the cold days, you will learn in the...

Have the suit tailor-made or off the peg

How to find your perfect suit ?!

No matter whether it is your job or your leisure time - at some point there will be a moment when you need a suit. Right from the start you might ask yourself if you want an off-the-peg suit or if you want to have it tailor-made. In the following text you will find out exactly what the differences are, both advantages and disadvantages. Several factors are important here. Firstly, a tailor-made suit is...

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