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No matter whether it is your job or your leisure time - at some point there will be a moment when you need a suit. Right from the start you might ask yourself if you want an off-the-peg suit or if you want to have it tailor-made. In the following text you will find out exactly what the differences are, both advantages and disadvantages.
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Have the suit tailor-made
Several factors are important here. Firstly, a tailor-made suit is sometimes more expensive than a model you buy off the peg, i.e. simply "buy" it in the next shop. In addition, it depends on your physique, or the proportions and height. If you deviate a little from "the norm", it can be difficult to find the right suit for work or leisure if you simply look for it in the next store.

So there are some advantages to having this type of clothing tailored to your body by a professional hand. The tailor has a lot of experience and also more precious fabrics that fit your body perfectly. However, you should bring some time with you in advance if you already know that an event is coming up soon. Because often several fittings are necessary. Depending on the quality and amount of work involved, a tailored suit can cost over 1000 Euros.

Suits bought off the peg
Many department stores and large chains now also offer much cheaper off-the-peg suits that may cost you a few hundred euros. But you need to know exactly what your requirements are for your suits - the choice of colours, patterns, cuts etc. is much more limited than when you go to the tailor. So if you choose this option, you should keep this in mind and if possible even search several shops to find your dream suit.

When shopping, take a person with you who will openly tell you if the suits do not fit properly, or if you are buying in a traditional shop, contact an experienced salesperson who will help you with your choice. Nowadays, many shops offer the possibility to have your suits sewn to fit you in their own tailor's shop.

When does the suit fit perfectly?
Especially if you want to buy off-the-peg suits, you should know a few points in advance to be able to decide whether the selected model really fits like a glove. There is hardly a worse faux pas than too big, too small or badly fitting suits. First of all, pay attention to the "obvious" faults: the model must not "slobber" on the body, the arms and legs must not be too long.

All in all, the model should fit tightly to the body and thus underline your body shape and make it stand out positively. The suit trousers should be at waist level, your chosen jacket should fit just above the bottom, so it does not stand off or cause unfavourable creases. Also pay attention to how the trouser leg "touches down" on your shoe. There should be a very small fold here, also the shoulders are in a straight line, then you can almost be sure that your chosen model fits perfectly.
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The choice of colours
The choice of colour also plays a major role for the suits. The classic colours are mainly black, dark blue or grey in various shades. If you have to wear suits in everyday business life, you should have at least two or three good models, plus at least two or three matching shirts that match the suit in colour. Make sure that the shirt or sleeves protrude about two centimetres under the jacket, then the shirt fits perfectly. In business life, you should avoid bright colours on your suit and shirt, especially in the executive suite, "classic" colours are considered the dress code.

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