Poke - fish salad from Hawaii

The trend brings Hawaii to the table

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Poke is now on everyone's lips - literally. Because the traditional fish salad from Hawaii is conquering the tables of summer! But not the plates, because Poke is served in bowls, the bowls. The preparation is simple, and with a few tips on how to serve it, the Pacific fisherman's pot will become a real feast for the eyes!
Poke - fish salad from Hawaii / a poke with tuna, avocado and mango© nadianb / Fotolia

The campaign of the Poke-Bowls

Poke is the Hawaiian word for "cutting something into pieces". It should be bite-sized, and its practical form has made the fish salad one of the national dishes in Hawaii. Serving everything in one bowl is natural, as is the frequent use of raw ingredients - firewood for cooking was rare in the region, as was tableware, of course.

The idea didn't come from the native inhabitants of the island, but came to the Pacific Ocean with the Japanese and US-American influences. Due to the many holiday guests on Hawaii, the traditional dish came to Europe as a trend and is enjoying increasing popularity. Fortunately, because most of the preparation methods are natural and are full of healthy food - a food import that benefits the organism!

What all belongs in it?

Traditionally, fish salad consists of cooked rice, raw fish and vegetables, preferably avocado. The fish cubes are usually seasoned or marinated with soy sauce or sesame oil. Many chefs also use ginger or spring onions to add a fresh spiciness. Roasted sesame as a topping gives a slightly nutty taste. In European supermarkets rather difficult to get the additives Kukui and Ogo.

Kukui is the tree fruit or nut of the tusk tree, which is native between India and New Zealand. Kukui nuts must be roasted before use, raw they are poisonous. The ogo are seaweed and underline the fish taste. Of course, this trendy dish can be prepared with different sea animals, mostly salmon, tuna, shrimps or squid tentacles are used. Sushi rice is best suited, but other types of rice or grain can also be used: quinoa, millet, red lentils or, for those in a hurry, couscous.

The preparation
If you ask a resident of the island, he will always tell you that a poke is served while the rice is still warm. The heat allows the flavours to develop better. But especially in summer, when it is very hot, it is a pleasure to enjoy the refreshing salad cold. In this case it is recommended to store the rice separately from the fish and let it cool down before eating. It is only important that the fish is fresh and does not stand outside too long - it is raw and therefore easily perishable. All ingredients should be cut into small pieces so that it can be eaten well with a spoon or chopsticks. More preparation is not necessary!

The eye eats along!
The Poke Bowl looks especially beautiful when the fish salad is carefully prepared. First put the rice or another basic in the bowl, then alternately place the marinated fish and vegetables next to each other. If you have prepared a sauce extra, you can leave a hollow in the rice in the middle of the bowl and pour it in. The toppings, such as roasted seeds, dried seaweed or ginger, are then sprinkled over the salad. Especially nice for guests are some edible dried flowers of the yellow hibiscus, the Hawaiian state flower. The ingredients can then be mixed by the guests themselves.
Poke - fish salad from Hawaii / various Pokes© Robert / Fotolia

 Family Feast
The fish salad is ideal for a meal with children and guests with different types of nutrition. You can simply place the various ingredients in bowls on the table and everyone can put together their own Poke Bowl according to their own taste. This creates a cosy, relaxed Caribbean atmosphere at the table! The Pacific island has even dedicated an entire festival to its favourite dish: since 1992, professionals and amateurs have been competing every year at the Poke Festival for a prize money of 15,000 euros for the best recipe!

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