Making scented candles yourself

A beautiful decoration and create a particularly cosy and festive atmosphere

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Making scented candles from candle remains or wax granulate simply make yourself. Fragrant candles are very popular. They are a beautiful decoration and create a particularly cosy and festive atmosphere. The scent of cinnamon, orange or rose spreads throughout the room and brings a feeling of well-being. Even children like it! Scented candles can easily be made by yourself. You may even have the necessary utensils at home.
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Materials and utensils for candle production
For your scented candles you need a sufficient amount of wax residues from old candles, which should be as fragrance-free as possible. Even more suitable is ready-to-use candle wax granulate. You also need two pots that fit into each other and can be used as a water bath. A spoon for decanting the wax should be ready. Each candle needs a wick. You can use wicks from candle remnants or buy new ones.

Natural aromatic oils provide the scent.
You will also need small candle glasses or other suitable vessels. Here's how you do it: Remove the wick from the wax residues and candles that you want to use for candle casting, or provide the wax granulate. The clean glasses and wicks should also be within reach. Put some newspaper underneath so that no wax can drip onto your work surface!

Pour some water into the large pot and place it on the stove at low temperature. The small pot with the wax residues or the granules is placed in the large pot and is also heated. Observe the process! Hot candle wax can splash! Make sure that children keep their distance and do not burn themselves. If the wax starts to melt, you can adjust the temperature down. Stir the wax occasionally! As soon as it has dissolved, turn off the stove. Now stir in a few drops of aromatic oil.

Do not use too much of the intensively scented oils! If you like, you can create your own fragrance mixture for your scented candles. Now take the pot off the stove. Pour the melted wax carefully into the glasses. Place one wick in each glass while the wax is still liquid. Toothpicks placed across the glass prevent the wick from tilting to the side. As soon as the wax has cooled down completely, you can use the scented candles for decoration and light them.

Making pillar candles
For this you need a bowl of sand and a cardboard roll. The cardboard roll is pressed upright into the sand so that it stands securely. The wick is fixed in the middle with toothpicks. Now the melted candle wax is filled in. If you wish, you can proceed in layers and use different wax colours. If the layers of the scented candles are to be well separated from each other, the last layer must be slightly dried before the next one is applied.

However, it is also possible to quickly pour in different colours. Interesting patterns can be created by briefly moving a wooden skewer in the wax. After about two hours, the wax is sufficiently firm so that you can remove the cardboard. Do not wait until the candle has cooled down completely! The cardboard sleeve can then no longer be removed without leaving residue. Do not forget to brush off the sand at the end!

Traditional candle making
For this version you need a long candle wick. You can also use a firmly twisted cotton thread. The length should be about 15 centimetres. By dipping the candle several times in wax a long, narrow candle is finally created, which is also a beautiful decoration. The wax vessel in the water bath must therefore be sufficiently high!
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The wick is looped at the top and briefly dipped into the liquid wax flavoured with fragrance oil. Once the wax on the wick has dried a little, you can repeat the process until several layers have been applied and the candle has the desired thickness. For complete drying, the candle can be hung in a suitable place on the loop.

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