Maintaining door rubbers in the car

Door rubbers properly - with these tips it works

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The door rubbers are there to seal the gap between the car door and the body of the vehicle and thus keep out moisture and dirt, but also wind. To ensure that they can do this in high quality for a long time, you should clean and maintain them regularly. There are a number of aspects to consider when choosing the means used.
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How to properly clean door rubbers on your car
You have these seals not only on the door of your car, but also along the windows and around the trunk. These must be cleaned regularly. To do this, it is best to use a soft microfibre cloth and water to which you have previously added a splash of washing-up liquid. The first step is to remove coarse dirt. Please note that you can also remove solid dirt particles that are in the horizontal folds of the seals on the car with a vacuum cleaner. Always wipe the rubber seals lengthwise with the cloth before allowing the door rubbers to dry completely.

Pay attention to the correct base for the care product
You will find a wide range of care products for the door rubbers on your car in the trade. However, make sure that you use a product that is not water-based. These can cause the seal to freeze in winter and the rubber to break. For skin care, preparations based on deer tallow or glycerine and silicone or vaseline are suitable. To be on the safe side, which products you can use to maintain your door rubbers, you can also take a look at your car's operating instructions or ask your authorised workshop.

Grease the door rubbers on the car properly - this is how it works
Before applying the care product, the seal must be thoroughly cleaned. Then let them dry completely. Many care products come with a small sponge that you can use for greasing. If this is not the case, you can also use a soft cotton cloth. With this you apply the care product in a thin and even layer. You may need to wipe again with a cloth after it has dried to remove any residue.
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The care of the rubber on the doors is a year-round task
As a general rule, you should not only take special care of your door rubbers in winter, but do so regularly throughout the year. Especially in summer, when your car is exposed to strong sunlight, there is otherwise a risk that the seals will quickly become brittle.

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