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Maintaining door rubbers in the car

Door rubbers properly - with these tips it works

The door rubbers are there to seal the gap between the car door and the body of the vehicle and thus keep wetness and dirt but also wind out. To ensure that they can do this in high quality for a long time, you should clean and maintain them regularly. There are a number of aspects to consider when choosing the means used. You have these seals not only on the door of your car, but also...

Tips for the perfect car polish

This is the best way to polish your car

Whether at work or during leisure time - the car is one of the favourite hobbies of the Germans, and is almost devotedly cared for and maintained. So polishing is also part of the pampering program of your car - with the right car polish. The following article provides you with helpful tips to make your car shine. In order to protect the bodywork from dust, stone chips, dirt, sunlight or...

Remove rock falls

It is probably the nightmare of every car driver

Whether on the road in your free time or on the way to the office - you drive your car, think of nothing bad and there it is - a crack in the windshield, or the rock fall. The shock is great at first - what to do? In the following text you will receive valuable information on how you can best remove stone chips...

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