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Building a bird house for the winter by yourself

Build your own bird house - not that hard!

A bird house brings a lot of joy for young and old, especially in winter. Watching different species in and around the bird house is especially fun from the window. In addition, the feathered visitors are happy if they find a little extra food in your garden in the cold winter. If you do not want to buy the bird house, you can build it yourself - and it is not as difficult as you might think...

A fresh coat of paint brings momentum to your 4 walls

With new colours you can create a different ambience

In a new house or apartment the walls are usually painted white when you move in. With decorative wall paints you give the rooms individuality and create a personal feel-good atmosphere. Maybe you simply want to redesign your four walls, bring a fresh breeze into your home? With new colours you can create a different ambience...

Tips for paving a stone terrace

Don't forget important preparatory work

A stone terrace offers many positive aspects and scores especially with its design and variety of shapes and colours in connection with a wonderful garden. However, if you want to lay it yourself, you should pay attention to a few points so that the terrace is not only beautified but also remains fully functional. Above all, extensive earthwork needs to be done...

The most important tips for building a house

Tips and tricks on the way to your own house

Many Germans dream the dream of their own house. It should be modern and at the same time completely satisfy their own requirements. To achieve this goal, especially in times of low interest rates, building a house is very tempting. Do you also dream of your own house? Then you should consider the following tips and tricks...

Which floor covering is the right one for me

Choose the right floor covering for your home

Choose the right floor covering for your home - the attractiveness of the home and also has a major influence on the climate, footfall sound insulation and the amount of plaster required. For this reason, you should think carefully about which floor covering to choose for a newly built house or in the course of a renovation...

Create waters in your own garden

Creating a pond in the garden quickly and easily

Many people dream of their own little pond or a waterfall in the garden, but do not dare to implement this project. It is very simple and does not even have to cost a lot of money. You should, however, consider beforehand whether the garden pond will only be an ornament or whether it should be filled with fish later...

Laying the floor - It's that easy

This is the easy way to install your new floor

For all those who are probably building or moving into their apartment or house, the question of how the floor will look when installed is very quickly raised. Perhaps you are also faced with this decision and find it difficult to make. However, laying the floor is not that difficult if you follow a few tips and if you have some manual skills, building a house is definitely harder! The following text should...

Battery tools for the hobby workshop

Cordless cordless tools in the smart home

Your own hobby workshop inspires productive and creative work. Repair and handicraft work in the house and garden can easily be done by yourself with the appropriate cordless tools. This is not only fun, but also inexpensive. The clever tools are handy, effective and economical. Battery-powered tools take up little space and support your Smarthome in everyday life as well as in your leisure...

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