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Mould on the wall - What to do

What to do if mould grows in the house

Mould can grow in rooms with too high humidity. Incorrect ventilation and heating contribute to a poor indoor climate. Various building defects can also be the cause. Since this can be a health hazard, you should definitely take action! Check the air humidity in your house and take countermeasures if it is permanently too high and the first signs of mould growth appear...

Taping - Does taping help against back pain?

Can cause painful complaints in case of back pain

Back pain is currently the most common health complaint in this country. The causes are divided into two categories: In the case of non-specific back pain - the most frequently occurring complaints - the cause cannot be determined exactly. Specific back problems include postural problems include postural deformity, a herniated disc or muscle tension. The pain causes additional muscular tension, so that the complaints often intensify during...

What belongs in the medicine chest?

The medicine chest - what really belongs in it?

It can be found in almost every household - the medicine chest. In some it is well stocked, in others it ekes out a meagre existence in the bathroom cabinet and contains little except headache tablets and plasters. But what really belongs in a well stocked home pharmacy? For emergencies, there should always be a small supply of medicines and bandages...

Homeopathy for headaches

Homeopathy - the gentle way to a life without pain

Almost every German suffers from annoying headaches at least now and then. Most then resort to a chemical painkiller. However, these remedies can not only have harmful side effects and make you dependent, but also pollute the environment. There is a more gentle method. Homeopathy...

Sleep more easily with homeopathy

Easier sleep with homeopath

How to find a healthy sleep again with natural medicine - There are days when it's just like magic: Instead of falling asleep effortlessly as usual, you toss and turn for hours and simply can't find your way to sleep. If this happens only occasionally, then it is completely normal and mostly due to a stressful day. If, however, you suffer more often or even regularly from problems falling asleep or...

Tips against back pain - a good mattress

The optimal mattress for a healthy back

People spend an average of 6 to 8 hours a day in bed. While sleeping, the body can recover from the stress of everyday life. Provided it lies on a good mattress and thus prevents back pain. But what should you look out for when buying a new bed base for the house and when should it be changed? This guide provides information...

Sugar - What alternatives are there?

The Truth About Sugar Replacement

From Stevia to Coconut Flower Sugar - Among other things, the consumption of sugar causes fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, stomach and intestinal disorders, hair loss, skin diseases, lack of concentration and sleep disorders. This is why more and more Germans are deciding either to eliminate sugar from their own diet at short notice as part of a "30-day sugar-free...

The Detox cure detoxifies the body

Detox- detox the body gently

Detoxify the body - set it to "zero", so to speak, gain new strength and become fit. Perhaps you have already heard of Detox and would now like to detoxify your body to do something good for your health? How can you change your eating and drinking habits in your free time and at work in such a way that a detox is successful and how to start it at all? The following article is intended to...

Home remedies for burns

The best home remedies against burns

It is not uncommon for children or adults to burn themselves within the household. If you know the right household remedies against the burn injury, you can provide first aid quickly and effectively at this point. In many cases, the burn or scalding is only so weak that there is no threat of long-term consequences for the health of those affected. Nevertheless, the burned area should be properly...

SOS - Hay fever in summer

How to survive the summer despite hay fever

While most people look forward to the summer, others are gripped by the sheer horror. If you suffer from hay fever, then you should know a few tips and tricks to help your health in the event of an acute allergy. Then maybe you can look forward to the hot, sunny season again in the future. If you experience an allergy for the first time in the middle of summer, you often cannot properly classify...

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