Freshly ground or capsule coffee machine ?

Beans or capsules - which is better?

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It is and remains the most popular hot drink among Germans: coffee. Freshly ground or rather encapsulated? No matter whether you prefer a fully automatic coffee maker or a capsule machine - we'll tell you which machine is best suited to which coffee lover and what you need to consider when buying a new coffee maker.
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Coffee machine - spoilt for choice
Would you like to buy a coffee machine? Whichever machine you ultimately decide on: First and foremost, the machine should produce good coffee with an excellent aroma. The be-all and end-all when preparing coffee specialities is to preserve the aroma of the beans as much as possible. For this reason, coffee beans should only be ground shortly before brewing. In terms of price range and product type, the range of high-quality espresso and coffee machines is enormous. A glance at the most important advantages and disadvantages of the machines provides information.

The fully automatic coffee machine: Pro & Contra
At the touch of a button, the espresso runs freshly ground from the coffee machine. If you are looking for convenience as well as a wide range of preparation options, a fully automatic coffee machine is the perfect choice. The machines can be used with coffee beans or powder and are relatively inexpensive to maintain, as after the purchase you only need to invest in espresso beans.

The machine also usually has a fully automatic cleaning program. The machine can also be used to froth milk, so that latte macchiato, caffé latte or cappucchino can be prepared in no time at all. The disadvantage of the machine is that it is very expensive to buy. In addition, the milk tubes must be cleaned after use. Cleaning the brewing group is also somewhat complicated. In order to enjoy the machine for a long time, the fully automatic coffee machine must be descaled regularly.

The capsule machine: Pro & Contra
Experiment with flavours at will and find your individual favourite taste? The capsule machine promises variety in taste and maximum coffee enjoyment. Thanks to the aluminium capsules, the coffee retains its full aroma and the individual portions ensure that you always have the right amount of coffee at hand. The machine is handy and very easy to use. Since the process takes place inside the capsules, the brewing group does not require any complicated cleaning.
Freshly ground or capsule coffee machine ? - Freshly made© Photocreo Bednarek / Fotolia

Although the purchase price is low compared to the fully automatic coffee machine, the capsule machine is quite expensive to maintain and produces a lot of waste due to the aluminium capsules. In addition, it is not uncommon for you to decide on a particular capsule manufacturer when buying the machine. If you like to drink a lot of coffee and use the machine frequently, you should therefore calculate in advance whether it might be more worthwhile to purchase a fully automatic machine.

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