The most beautiful animal parks in Germany

Zoos are fantastic destinations for the whole family

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Animal parks are fantastic destinations for the whole family. Marvel at animals from foreign continents together, learn about biological connections and support zoos and animal parks in their work. Their task is not only to protect endangered species and educate the public, but also to support scientific research.
The most beautiful animal parks in Germany - Elephant fed by child© famveldman / Fotolia

Zoological Garden Berlin
Besides petting zoo and commented feeding, Germany's oldest zoo offers more than 20,000 different animals. One of the big highlights in the zoological garden is that hippos can even be observed under water. In addition, a night safari is offered to experience the nocturnal animals in action.

Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg
The Hagenbeck Zoo has two big highlights to offer. In the Arctic Ocean, visitors can observe penguins, walruses and polar bears in a near-natural facility at arctic temperatures of seven degrees. In addition to the zoo, there is the tropical aquarium, which is one of the largest seawater facilities in Germany. Sharks, rays, crocodiles and 300 other endangered species live there.

Experience Hannover Zoo
The zoo in Hannover is considered the most family-friendly zoo in Germany and is divided into different theme worlds. For example, the visitor can take a boat through the savannah landscape and get up close to all kinds of animals such as lions, giraffes and co. The Hannover Zoo experience gives the visitor the feeling of being immersed in the animals' habitat and not just marvelling at them from the outside. An unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Cologne Zoo
The Cologne Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Germany and has the largest elephant house in Europe. In addition there is a rainforest and jungle house with exotic animals. Another unique highlight: butterflies can be experienced up close in the walk-in flight hall of the Insectarium.

Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich
Hellabrunn Zoo differs from other zoos mainly in that the animals are not housed according to species but according to the continents on which they live. A tour through Hellabrunn is a journey through the world where tigers, polar bears and elephants can be marvelled at.
The most beautiful animal parks in Germany - Orang Utan© charles taylor / Fotolia

Leipzig Zoo
The Leipzig Zoo is one of the most species-rich zoos in Germany and is especially known for its unique themed areas. Named after the primeval continent Gondwana, animals from America, Africa and Asia live there in a kind of tropical forest the size of two football fields. Visitors can marvel at the animals both on foot and by boat. Besides the Gondwana enclosure there is also the Himalayan enclosure with the rare snow leopards.

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