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Playing the accordion - How to get started

Learning to play the accordion

Here's how to get started - If you can play an instrument, you can enjoy yourself and good friends with your own music. However, it takes time before children or adults master a musical instrument. If you feel like sacrificing a small part of your free time, the following tips will help you to learn bit by bit how to play this great instrument. And with a little more practice, the fun will come!...

Playing the piano - How to get started

Learn to play the piano: It's easier that way!

If you can play the piano, you have mastered an instrument that makes many people go into raptures. Both children and adults can get enthusiastic about this great hobby. However, as with many other things, here it is also: All beginnings are difficult! If you would like to learn more about the subject, the following tips can certainly make the start a little easier...

Fitness for the soul - mental training

No matter whether in your leisure time, in everyday life or at work

Perhaps you have already felt mentally burnt out, stressed or overwhelmed. Not only the body then needs help to regenerate, but also the soul. But it is even better if you don't get into a situation where everything just feels "too much". Fitness for the soul - mental training can actually help you to become calmer and more relaxed in everyday life. But how exactly does it work and what is mental...

Which care cream does the modern man need

Whether in your leisure time or at work ?

While in the past, men's personal hygiene consisted of just washing and shaving, men today attach more importance to their personal hygiene. This does not exclude the use of a good skin care cream. The following article will tell you what you should pay attention to in order to find the right skin care cream for you. That is why there are skin care creams for men and women. If you have asked...

Vegan 3 course menus

A banquet is coming up and you would like to organize a vegan menu for your guests?

Don't worry, never before have there been so many recipes and possibilities to cook vegan food and to prepare dishes and thus not only to please your vegan guests, but also to try out new things yourself. Which great recipes there can be for a vegan menu, you experience in the following. Even in the cold season, such as winter or Christmas, there are opportunities to cook vegan food for...

Firm deodorant - save packaging

A real alternative to conventional products

Festes deodorant in a sustainable packaging, is a real alternative to conventional products. Many cosmetic products are packed in plastic, disposable jars or spray cans. However, this packaging is known to harm the environment. Some manufacturers are therefore increasingly turning to an ecological alternative, even for deodorants. For you as a consumer, this means that you can choose an...

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