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Festes deodorant in a sustainable packaging, is a real alternative to conventional products. Many cosmetic products are packed in plastic, disposable jars or spray cans. However, this packaging is known to harm the environment. Some manufacturers are therefore increasingly turning to an ecological alternative, even for deodorants. For you as a consumer, this means that you can choose an environmentally friendly cardboard packaging for this cosmetic product.
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Metal packaging
Spray cans are less problematic today than they were a few years ago. Instead of CFC propellants, manufacturers now use gases such as isobutane and butane, which are considered more climate-friendly. Their use seems to be justifiable. However, it is hardly possible to avoid inhaling spray when using them. This can be particularly problematic for allergy sufferers and sensitive people.

In addition, the propellants are produced from crude oil and natural gas. The cans must be able to withstand high pressure. They are made of metal - usually aluminium. Even though this material can be disposed of in the recycling bin and can be recycled, valuable resources are still consumed.

Plastic or glass packaging
Deodorant rollers or pump sprays manage without propellant gases. They are packed in plastic or glass. It is known that plastic is harmful to our environment. Plastic waste that is discharged into the sea via the rivers, as abandoned waste on the beach or through illegal disposal remains there. It decomposes over time, but it is not completely degraded.

This has an impact on the environment and on marine animals and seabirds. They usually confuse the plastic parts with food. In addition, the animals can get caught in the plastic bags. The situation is becoming more and more acute. Entire plastic islands form on the water surface. Disposable glass as packaging for cosmetics is not considered environmentally friendly either, even if it can be disposed of in the bottle bank.

Too often, however, glasses without a deposit end up in the trash. Glass that is to be recycled must be melted down. This results in high energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Glass packaging is also relatively heavy. This is disadvantageous for transport. The various aspects taken together result in a poor ecological balance.

Solid deodorant as an alternative
A solid deodorant gets by with few natural ingredients. Cosmetics are usually made on the basis of baking soda, organic coconut oil and essential oils - often by hand in small factories. These are certified natural cosmetics, which are vegan and free of animal testing. No aluminium salts, parabens or other critical ingredients are used. The deodorant stick or deodorant piece is applied under the armpits in a dry state or slightly moistened.

The recipe, which is biodegradable, is skin-friendly and smells pleasantly fresh. The deodorant does not suppress the formation of sweat, but prevents unpleasant sweat smells. Solid deodorant is very economical. It lasts about twice as long as a liquid deodorant. The solid deodorant takes up less space in the bathroom. On the space-saving outer packaging there is enough space for the INCI list, which is required by law.

Buy smart and save on packaging
The compact deodorant does not require a plastic, metal or glass packaging. Cardboard is used, which is produced from the renewable resource wood. The material is considered environmentally friendly, especially if it is produced with a high proportion of recycled material. Manufacturers of natural cosmetics in particular like to replace conventional outer packaging with it.

The paper is FSC-certified. This seal stands for more sustainable forest management. The wood comes from forests that are managed more responsibly. This contributes to the long-term preservation of forests, as they are used in a more environmentally friendly way. Experts monitor compliance with the strict requirements. Cardboard packaging carries the Green Dot.
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This marking indicates that the cardboard can be disposed of in the blue bin. The material is thus returned to the recycling cycle. With the purchase of solid deodorant in a cardboard box, you save a lot of packaging material such as plastic, metal and glass over the years and actively do something for the environment!

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