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Homeopathy - the gentle way to a life without pain

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Almost every German suffers from annoying headaches at least now and then. Most of them then resort to a chemical painkiller. However, these drugs can not only have harmful side effects and cause addiction, but also pollute the environment. There is a more gentle method. Homeopathy.
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Homeopathy - what is it actually?
This term refers to a form of alternative medical treatment without chemical additives. The patient is administered highly diluted basic substances in the form of small beads according to the principle "Let similar things be cured by similar things". Even if a concrete, scientifically recognized proof of the effect has not yet been provided, many consumers swear by it and treat their headaches in this gentle and natural way.

Is headache equal to headache?

There can only be one clear answer: No. Headaches can have numerous causes and lead to the same, similar or quite different symptoms. They are therefore divided into three categories.

- the most common tension headache
- the rare and episodically occurring cluster headache
- migraine accompanied by violent pain attacks

Depending on the occurrence of the pain (unilateral, forehead...) and its character (dull, stabbing...) as well as its duration and frequency, the doctor can determine the type of headache. However, the diagnosis and subsequent treatment also take into account, for example, the triggering factors as well as the frequently accompanying symptoms or any family history.

Globules for headaches

If you don't want to take strong chemical painkillers for your headaches right away, you can also choose the gentler and generally more tolerable variant of homeopathy. The healing process is holistic and can achieve very good results according to the evaluations of those affected.

In homeopathy, therefore, not only is the pain itself combated, but attempts are made to localise the triggering factors such as stress or tension and to eliminate them effectively and over the long term. In order for the globules to be effective, it is strongly recommended that a comprehensive research of the causes be carried out beforehand. This should be done by an experienced naturopath. This saves you trouble, time and costs.
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What else can you do?
Besides the homeopathic remedies, which are administered in the form of small globules called globules, a successful treatment of headaches can also include massage, aromatherapy or sports, such as yoga. Thus, the aim of homeopathy is not only to become active in case of pain, but also to prevent a new flare-up of headaches in the long run.

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