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Cleaning is not exactly an activity that brings a lot of pleasure. Especially if you have to resort to chemical-contaminated cleaners from the supermarket. There are promising hacks and cleaning tips on the Internet, such as on YouTube, which you should try out when you get the chance. Which hacks and cleaning tips YouTube for example offers you will find out in the following text. Have fun trying them out.
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Cleaning tips for dirty windows

As soon as the sun shines outside, dirty windows of course do not look good. But how to clean the windows without leaving streaks, especially without chemicals? Youtube provides ingenious hacks for this, how you can make window cleaners yourself. All you need is a little washing-up liquid, some vinegar essence and an old newspaper.

Put the detergent and vinegar essence in a bowl with some water and moisten a cloth with the mixture. Now clean your window as normal. To dry without streaks, fold up your old newspaper and wipe your window dry. You can also use this mixture to clean the window frames and proceed in the same way. The result: streak-free and above all clean windows!

Cleaning tips to clean a calcified sink
Lime deposits in and around the sink are unfortunately not uncommon. But here too, YouTube provides you with ingenious hacks that you can easily copy. To remove the limescale, you can according to Youtube Hacks or cleaning tips again to the good old vinegar essence. Apply a few drops of this to the calcified areas and let it work for a short time. Now you can remove the traces with a simple cloth.

You can also use normal vinegar as an alternative to vinegar essence, but the time it takes to work in will be longer. Since vinegar/vinegar essence has a strong smell, you should open the window during the application time if possible, so that the smell disappears gently and quickly. Afterwards you can clean the surfaces again with clear water and rub them dry with a dry cloth. If you are already cleaning the sink and find that the water is draining poorly, you can use one of the following chopping and cleaning tips.

Instead of pouring toxic or harmful pipe cleaner down the drain, you can pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Then add half a cup of vinegar essence, then place a cloth over the drain and give the mixture about 10 minutes to take effect. Now boil a litre of hot water (for example in a kettle) and pour it into the drain after the reaction time.
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Cleaning tips for a calcified kettle

Youtube offers various hacks here: pour about half a liter of water into the kettle and add vinegar essence. Bring everything to the boil and clean it again with a rag if necessary. Then you can pour out the water and rinse the kettle with clear water. If the lime proves to be particularly stubborn, you should repeat the entire procedure again until all the lime has dissolved. Again, make sure to rinse thoroughly with cold, clear water.

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