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Perhaps you have already felt mentally burnt out, stressed or overwhelmed. Not only the body then needs help to regenerate, but also the soul. But it is even better if you don't get into a situation where everything just feels "too much". Fitness for the soul - mental training can actually help you to become calmer and more relaxed in everyday life. But how exactly does it work and what is mental training? All these questions will be answered briefly in the following text.
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Fitness for the soul- mental training: what is that?

Training is intended to strengthen the soul mentally, in harmony with the body. Do you also count among those people who are quick to blame themselves for things, rarely say no, although they would like to or have fears of failure? Fitness for the soul - mental training serves above all to ensure that you are aware of your abilities and can use them sensibly in everyday life, not only at work but also in your leisure time.

This training is mainly relaxation exercises for the body and concentration exercises for the soul and your mind. In addition, a positive basic attitude not only towards yourself, but also towards your environment should develop. Furthermore, with successful training you can learn to project your wishes, dreams and ideas into clear pictures and to realize them.

Requirements for a successful training
If you want to build a house, don't start with the roof, but first of all make sure the foundation is stable. It is similar with mental training. To be able to build this gradually, you first have to become aware of your current situation - your "is state". Where exactly are you standing right now? How is it going in your free time, at work, in everyday life?

What exactly are your abilities, what are you particularly good at and successful at? What concrete goals do you have for the future, for example in a month or a year? In order to ask yourself these questions, a specially trained mental trainer can help you, especially if you are in a difficult situation. Even without a trainer, the book trade, for example, offers you various guides to get you started in mental training. Make yourself aware that it is a long process that you will go through.

Mental training is different from learning vocabulary, for example. It depends a lot on the success of the training to what extent you are ready to engage and let go of the exercises. Even attitudes or weaknesses that you are afraid of cannot be accepted and changed overnight. Therefore give your soul and body enough time and space to allow these changes.

Various exercises for different situations
Fitness for the soul - mental training provides you with a lot of exercises that you can easily do during stressful phases, for example at work in your office or in your free time when you feel stressed. One recognized exercise is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), which originated in the USA. Sit upright and close your eyes. Concentrate on your feelings for one minute, but without any inner evaluation.
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Now concentrate for one minute on your breathing - feel how your abdominal wall rises and falls. Now focus on your whole body, your senses. What do you perceive? Take a minute before you can open your eyes again. This exercise is, of course, only one of many that can help you to focus and relax, so that you can then get back to your tasks or work in a more relaxed manner. Another method is to work with lists to help you focus. When a task is due, you can create a Not-To-Do list: not to look at Facebook, not to clean up, etc.

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