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This is the best way to polish your car

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Whether at work or during leisure time - the car is one of the favourite hobbies of the Germans, and is almost devotedly cherished and maintained. So polishing your car is also part of the pampering program - with the right car polish. The following article provides you with helpful tips to make your car shine.
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Why polish the car at all?
In order to protect the bodywork from dust, stone chips, dirt, sunlight or insect remains etc., every car is sealed with a paint. Over time, however, the paint loses its shine. This also increases the risk of the paint on the car being damaged. You should therefore use your free time from time to time to treat your car to a car polish. The polish acts as a kind of peeling and gently grinds off some of the clear coat of your car. You can decide whether you want to polish your car by hand or with a machine.

Before polishing the preparation is done
Before you go to work and apply the car polish, the car must be cleaned - and thoroughly. First you should remove the coarse dirt. For stubborn dirt you can use cleaning plasticine, check your paintwork for deeper damage and repair it if necessary before polishing.

If the damage reaches the sheet metal, this area is particularly at risk from rust etc. and will even spread further. Make sure that you do not apply the car polish to the car in the blazing sun afterwards - it will dry too quickly. Choose a dry place protected from the wind, such as your garage or carport. In addition, tape all plastic parts of your car, otherwise they will be polished as well.

Polishing the car by hand
As already mentioned above, you can restore the paint on your car to its former glory by hand or with a machine. Especially if you want to polish your car for the first time, it is recommended to do this by hand to get a feel for the material. It also makes it easier for you to detect or notice flaws in the paint if you work the car polish too firmly into the paint.

Take more time for the hand version, as it is more complex. Depending on the size of the car, you should plan a few days in your free time. Now apply some polishing paste on a soft sponge or even better on extra polishing cotton wool. When using a sponge, make sure that it is completely soft so that you do not rub scratches into the paintwork. Also never apply car polish directly to the paintwork, but to the cotton wool or sponge. Now you can work it into the paintwork with slightly circular movements.

Pay attention to the pressure, because you do not want to sand down the paint, but rather repair it. So that you don't get confused, you should do this part by part. After rubbing in the polish, you should gently remove the residues with a polishing cloth. When buying the polish, it is better to choose a weaker version, otherwise you run the risk of working holograms into the paint. The polish should also match the colour of your car's paintwork. So if you have a red paint, choose a polish for red colour.
Tips for the perfect car polish - the car is cleaned before© Nattkamol / depositphotos

Tips for polishing with the machine
If you prefer to polish the car with a machine, you should choose an eccentric machine for the beginning. This machine rubs the polish into the paint in elliptical movements. For this purpose, it is essential to choose the right polish and not to press the machine too hard on the car. The big advantage of this variant is that you save a lot of time and the results are better than by hand. Keep the speed of the machine low and always keep moving to avoid unsightly patterns and holograms.

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