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The best teas for the autumn

The perfect season to enjoy this invigorating drink

Even though autumn often seems too wet and cold, this part of the year is actually a very beautiful time. Colorful foliage enchants the landscape and finally you find the peace and quiet to read a good book or relax with a hot cup of tea. Sweet fruits, fragrant herbs and digestible spices give the drink a beguiling aroma and provide new energy. Some ingredients are particularly suitable for the...

Fresh herbs from our own cultivation

Herb diversity from your own garden

Growing herbs in your own garden has many advantages. Stroke your hand over your herbs and enjoy their fragrance. With these spices you can give your dishes a very special finesse. If you don't have a garden, you can cultivate most herbs in a flower pot on the balcony...

The perfect roast pork

Prepare roast pork perfectly - Tips, tricks and recipe ideas

Tips, tricks and recipe ideas - there are plenty of recipes for roast pork. But what is important to ensure that they are guaranteed to succeed? A few basics and a few clever tips will help you to cook. No matter which recipe you choose, you will get three stars from your guests for the next festive roast!

Three quick buffet ideas for your garden party

Time for an unforgettable summer

We have been waiting for summer for what feels like an eternity, finally it is here. Lazy summer evenings make you want to spend time together and preferably outside. There are many occasions for a garden party. Of course there is no garden party without a buffet! As a host you want to have something from the evening yourself and not be busy running back and forth all evening...

Sugar - What alternatives are there?

The Truth About Sugar Replacement

From Stevia to Coconut Flower Sugar - Among other things, the consumption of sugar causes fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, stomach and intestinal disorders, hair loss, skin diseases, lack of concentration and sleep disorders. This is why more and more Germans are deciding either to eliminate sugar from their own diet at short notice as part of a "30-day sugar-free...

Food Trend - Gazpacho Recipes

These gazpacho recipes will bring a kick to your kitchen

For those who love modern Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish gazpacho offers a great way to prepare healthy and delicious dishes. Especially in summer the soup tastes both hot and cold and brings a lot of variety. So that the gazpacho doesn't get boring at the dining table too quickly, here are three great recipes that you can cook up quickly and easily...

The best Kaiserschmarrn recipe

Holidays on your plate

The world's best Kaiserschmarrn! Good food and drink starts with cooking together. Especially for children it is nice to spend free time with the family in the kitchen. Delicious recipes such as the world's best Kaiserschmarrn are not only fun to prepare, but all big and small chefs enjoy it! Whoever hears Kaiserschmarrn usually automatically thinks of winter, mountains and evenings spent...

Celtuce the new trend vegetable

A food trend from China

Do you know Celtuce? It refers to the asparagus salad. The vegetable is versatile. It is especially popular because of its taste and richness of nutrients. It is not a hybrid of asparagus and salad, even if the name suggests it. The Chinese salad is best suited for raw consumption, but can also be used for cooking. Facts about the lettuce variety Asparagus lettuce is a cultivar of two different...

The best wild garlic recipes

Eat and drink in a spring mood!

Try out delicious wild garlic recipes now: Eat and drink in a spring mood! Teaser: In your free time you like to cook, eat and drink? Then you can't avoid the aromatic wild garlic now. Let yourself be inspired by unusual wild garlic ideas. Find your favourite for this year's spring cuisine. Delicious wild garlic recipes, quickly prepared. Strictly seasonal products such as kale, asparagus...

Vegan 3 course menus

A banquet is coming up and you would like to organize a vegan menu for your guests?

Don't worry, never before have there been so many recipes and possibilities to cook vegan food and to prepare dishes and thus not only to please your vegan guests, but also to try out new things yourself. Which great recipes there can be for a vegan menu, you experience in the following. Even in the cold season, such as winter or Christmas, there are opportunities to cook vegan food for...

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