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Do you love fresh fish and would you like to eat light, especially in summer? Then homemade sushi is just the right thing for you. If you have always bought this Asian delicacy, then we can assure you: Homemade Sushi is easy and costs considerably less! In addition, you can decide for yourself which new recipes you want to try out in your free time.
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This is included in the classic sushi
If the recipes are to be prepared in a typical Japanese way, soured rice is topped with fish or filled with fresh vegetables. In the home country of sushi, the small morsels are then served with seaweed, vegetables or egg. There is a practical reason for this: in order to be satisfied with sushi alone, large quantities would have to be produced and a corresponding amount of leisure time would have to be invested. In general, the Japanese delicacy can be produced either with or without rice. The so-called nigiri, for example, consists of a small portion of rice that is formed into a ball.

This is then topped with either fish or seafood. Vegetarians reach for vegetables and omelette strips. With the Maki the rice is rolled and inside is the fish or vegetables. According to the classic recipe, no seafood is used in this variant. If you prepare sushi in your free time, you don't have to be so strict with this recipe. With sashimi, the raw fish is actually eaten without any rice at all. Therefore this sub-form is best suited for people who don't like rice. In addition, sashimi has few calories due to the low amount of carbohydrates.

What is needed
In order to use the free time sensibly and to produce delicious sushi at the first go, a few small things are needed. Besides a clean bamboo mat you need a sharp knife and a rice cooker. In case of doubt, however, boiling the rice also works in a normal pot. If you want to eat the recipe in a classic way, you should also equip yourself with original chopsticks. A small porcelain bowl for the soy sauce should not be missing, of course. For the recipes to be successful, you will need some rather exotic ingredients.

You can buy these at a fair price at the local Asia Shop or order them online. Special sushi rice ensures that the small moulds hold together well. You also need rice vinegar, nori leaves, wasabi and gari. This is sweet and sour ginger. Buy only a small amount the first time. If you do not like gari, you have not spent money unnecessarily. With a delicious soy sauce and fresh sesame seeds you can refine your sushi wonderfully.

If you like the taste of fish and seafood, you can also buy a small amount of surimi. The imitation crab meat tastes intensely fishy and goes very well with classic sushi. To buy the fresh fish you may have to sacrifice some of your free time. Especially far away from the big city it is not always easy to get delicious varieties. If in doubt, you should visit an appropriate delicatessen shop or the weekly market. In general, the varieties salmon, squid, eel, mackerel and tuna are suitable for sushi. Depending on the recipe, caviar, crabs and king prawns are also suitable.
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The correct preparation of Sushi
The rice must be completely cooled before the sushi starts rolling. A little rice vinegar ensures that the small rice portions can be shaped very well. Depending on which type of sushi you choose, you can prepare the portions either with or without vegetables. If the rolls or balls are to be filled with vegetables, they must be washed, peeled and chopped beforehand. Cucumber, avocado, carrots, mushrooms or radish are then placed or rolled onto the pre-formed rice together with the raw fish. Prepare only small portions, as the finished sushi does not keep in the fridge for long.

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