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Detox- detox the body gently

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Detoxify the body - set it to "zero" so to speak, gain new strength and become fit. Perhaps you have already heard of Detox and would now like to detoxify your body to do something good for your health? How can you change your eating and drinking habits in your free time and at work in such a way that a detox is successful and how to start it at all? The following article is intended to provide you with initial approaches and assistance on the subject of detox and detox.
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This means detox for your health in general
If you feel physically weak, exhausted or simply no longer comfortable at work or in your free time, then a new start can be exactly what you and your body need. The term "detox", which is derived from the English word "detoxification", simply means the word detoxification.

Your body should be cleansed of harmful substances. Stress, the hectic pace of everyday life, but also your environment or environmental influences, are damaging to your body and are detrimental to your health in the long term, according to the general tenor of experts who recommend a detox cure.

The detoxification organs in your body, i.e. the skin, kidneys, liver, intestines and lungs, are particularly affected and should be cleansed by balanced eating and drinking. If you notice a pale complexion in yourself or realise that you often fall ill and feel drained, this method can be useful. Before doing so, you should consult your family doctor and rule out real illnesses.

Different ways to detoxify the body
Detoxing is not just detoxing. Instead, there are several possibilities or rather methods to improve your physical and mental health and to do something good for your body. For example, the 36-hour fast is very popular. Here you alternate a normal "eating day" with a fasting day.

How exactly does this variation work? The "aim" is to avoid eating for 36 hours - you may of course not drink anything, but during this period you should mainly drink unsweetened drinks, such as still water, coffee (without milk) or various herbal teas. After 12 hours you can eat and drink normally again - you do not have to pay attention to the number of calories.

What exactly does this method do? On the one hand, a weight loss, the reduction of abdominal fat, but also a lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure values. Especially if you suffer from high blood pressure, this method may be suitable for you. However, you should not make this change all the time, as your body will be stressed. Start small and fast one day a week for 36 hours.

A detox treatment with smoothies and/or juices
This variant is also available - among other variants - and can strengthen and support you and your body or your immune system sustainably. In this form you do completely without solid foods and take important vitamins only in the form of smoothies and fruit/vegetable juices.

Smoothies in particular have a decisive advantage here: they are particularly thick and therefore help you to stay full over a longer period of time. You do not have to torture yourself or suffer from hunger, this is not the aim of the cure. On the Internet there are several suppliers who specialise in this type of treatment and can deliver various juices and/or smoothies to your home.
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Since the cure only lasts a few days - generally it is recommended not to take more than three days - the offer can still be reflected in a high price. Some providers charge 100 euros or more for their "special" juices or smoothies. However, you can also avoid this point and make your own vegetable broths or juices and smoothies.You can even find helpful recipes in retail stores or on the Internet. You can also try out your own variations of the smoothies to suit your mood. Regardless of which method you decide on, if in doubt, talk to your family doctor about your plans beforehand.

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