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How to survive the summer despite hay fever

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While most people look forward to the summer, others are gripped by the sheer horror. If you suffer from hay fever, then you should know a few tips and tricks to help your health in the event of an acute allergy. Then maybe you can look forward to the hot, sunny season again in the future.
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How hay fever manifests itself

If you experience an allergy for the first time in the middle of summer, you often cannot properly classify the stuffy nose and itchy throat. Especially people who like to spend their leisure time outside are then shocked by the diagnosis: an allergy to flower pollen! During the flight time of pollen your body reacts to the so-called allergens. These have a negative influence on health and trigger a defensive reaction in the body. As a result, more nasal secretion is produced and the mucous membranes swell.

Recognize hay fever in time

The earlier you know exactly what kind of pollen your body is sensitive to, the sooner you can do something for your health and against the unpleasant symptoms. An allergy test at your family doctor can help you to finally get certainty about the plants in question. In addition to a blood test, the provocation test and the rubbing test are also possible.

All methods are considered relatively reliable. However, blood tests are gentler on the organism. If you want to treat the allergy and do something good for your health, then only after the test has been carried out can medication be considered. In general, drug methods are used when the respiratory tract reacts very strongly to the pollen and everyday life and leisure are restricted. In this case, there is a risk that the harmless allergy will develop into asthma or other chronic respiratory diseases.

Approaches for the treatment of hay fever

Doctors and people affected by allergies are particularly often of the opinion that avoiding the allergenic substance is the best way to protect the body. In the case of hay fever, the allergenic substance can only be avoided to a limited extent. If you want to spend your leisure time outside in summer, it is difficult to avoid encountering pollen. Alternatively, the allergy can be treated with medication.

However, this option should only be considered if the symptoms are severe, as the medication can also have a negative effect on health. Alternative remedies, such as globules, can help here gently and gently. However, these natural remedies do not work equally well for every person. In the best case, hyposensitization can lead to the hay fever never coming back. Many affected people make use of this treatment approach.

Modern medicine tries to make the body insensitive to the allergies. If the treatment works, you can spend your free time outside in summer with a clear conscience - and without a cold, sore throat or itchy eyes. To make this work, the body is given artificially produced allergens in low concentrations. The dose is gradually increased. With a little luck, the immune system will adjust.

Tips for everyday life with hay fever

If you do not want to take any medication, there are some simple tricks to at least alleviate the allergy. First and foremost, you should not burden your body with harmful substances such as mould, cigarette smoke or animal hair. It is also a good idea to install grilles specially designed to protect against pollen on all windows. These are so finely woven that the pollen cannot get inside.
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You should air the house thoroughly at least three times a day, but only at certain times of the day. The pollen mainly fly between 15 and 18 o'clock. During this time you should keep the windows closed and if possible do not go outside. Washing your hair daily ensures that the body is not burdened by remaining pollen at night.

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