Tree tents - an exceptional overnight accommodation

Tree tent - this is behind the new trend

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You love camping, but have had enough of the classic tents, which you have to set up easily or with difficulty? How about a tree tent instead? Never heard of it? The following article explains the new type of tent and what makes it so special.
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What exactly are tree tents?
Tree tents, which are also called hammock tents or hammock tents, are not set up and erected on the ground as is usually the case, but are stretched between trees. This is done with the help of straps, so that the trees, or the tree trunks, serve as support. In addition to the roof tarpaulin, the tree tent also has a lying area. This means that you can hang the tree tent between the trees and sleep at different heights. This should help you to feel freer and more natural. This is why this trend is becoming more and more widespread. Tree tents for camping are available in different sizes. You can either sleep comfortably as a couple or even with your family under a tree tent without anyone getting wet.

The lying surface and load capacity of tree tents
Since the tents are fixed between trees when camping and can therefore be set up at different heights, the tent should of course be selected to withstand various stresses and strains so that you don't suddenly find yourself on the ground. For example, you must not only estimate the weight of all persons who want to use the tent, but you must also be aware that children, for example, grow and therefore their weight changes. In addition, you also want to store your luggage, such as backpacks or accessories in the tree tent, as this is the only way to protect it from wetness, cold and of course theft. Therefore you should not decide on the first best and perhaps also the cheapest model, but rather spend more time and money on buying a tent.

The straps and ground reinforcement are also elementary
Tree tents for camping have to withstand the highest demands and loads, after all, the safety of you and your family is also at stake. You should therefore pay particular attention to the straps and the ground reinforcement of the tent. Depending on the tent and the manufacturer, it is possible that the straps are tensioned with so-called ratchets.

This makes your work easier, as you do not have to re-tension the straps. The rainproofing of the tent's upper material is also of elementary importance to ensure that the camping trip does not turn into a disaster. The water resistance of the tent is determined and measured with the so-called water column. You should therefore pay attention to these values with the tent: a water column of 3000 mm is always recommended if you want to use the tent more often. In this way you are guaranteed to be on the safe side.

Further valuable tips
Always ask yourself at the beginning of the purchase for which purpose or period you want to use the tree tents for camping. For a short trip or occasional/rare uses, a simple model will certainly suffice. However, if you want to use the tent more often or even take a longer trip/camping holiday, the demands on the tent will change. For example, you can look for extra mosquito protection in the tree tent, where the mosquito net is used as the inner net, while the normal protective cover is on the outside of the tent.
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Equally important is the access to the tent. Entrances and exits are often offered for below, on the side or as a kind of combination. Here you have to decide for yourself and, if necessary, try out the best way to get into the tent. Also make sure that your children and other people have a good access. Before buying a tree tent, you should also be aware that a little sporting skill is required and that you should also teach your children how to get in and out of the tent, for example at night. You lie comfortably without stones or roots ruining your back and you can try a completely different kind of camping.

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