Tips for foot care at home

This is how you simply care for your feet at home

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Whether in summer, spring, autumn or winter: the feet are among the most stressed parts of the body and are subjected to enormous stress every day. Nevertheless, when it comes to personal hygiene, foot care is often neglected in leisure time. In the following text you will find reliable tips for making foot care a feel-good event.
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Pedicure tips: the preparation
If you want to dedicate your free time to personal hygiene, or to your feet, you should plan a little time so that you can relax during this procedure. In order to take care of your feet, you should start with a footbath - drugstores offer a wide range of extra powders that you can dissolve in warm water. Ingredients such as camomile or mint can make heavy and tired feet feel better again.

Simply pour some warm water (not too hot) for example in a simple washing bowl and put your feet in the water for 10-15 minutes. This treatment is also extremely beneficial in summer, especially if you have swollen feet, for example. Otherwise, you can make up your own footbath: mix some sea salt in a cup of olive oil and add a few drops of mint and rosemary oil. In the meantime, you can remove dead skin scales with a brush during the footbath.

Removing calluses - tips for foot care
After you have taken care of your feet in the footbath, you should dry them off thoroughly, also think of the spaces between your toes to avoid annoying and painful athlete's foot. Excess callus is best removed with a pumice stone, but be careful not to remove too much callus, as this protects your feet from daily stress in your leisure time and at work and may cause too much callus if you remove too much callus.

Never use planers or sharp blades such as those offered by drugstores for this purpose, the risk of injury is simply too great and even small cracks or cuts can cause inflammation if bacteria penetrate the injured area. If you discover corns under your foot, you can soak them with special cloths or plasters, these are often soaked with salicylic acid. Then you can carefully remove the corns with a pumice stone.

Do not forget the toenails
When it comes to personal hygiene or foot care, toenails are often forgotten. Of course you should shorten them regularly, preferably with nail clippers or nail scissors. Make sure that you cut the toenails straight, i.e. do not round off the corners, otherwise the toenails may grow in. Instead, you can get the corners under control with a nail file and round the corners gently. Also take care of the cuticles, which have been optimally prepared and softened by the previous foot bath.

You can push them back with a rosewood stick. Do not cut off any excess skin threads, but use tweezers for this purpose, as otherwise the cuticles will only grow back all the stronger. After the care you can now pamper your feet with a cream and massage them a little or have your partner/friend massage them. Either you can use normal body lotion or you can use extra foot cream from the drugstore.

Further tips If you are a diabetic, you should have your feet regularly cared for by a medical chiropodist, as your feet are particularly susceptible to wounds or injuries due to the disease. Here you should consult a trained specialist and keep your hands off experiments at home. Of course, it is also worthwhile to use the services of a chiropodist, who often has valuable tips at hand. If you often suffer from corns or calluses, you should take a closer look at your shoes and sort them out if necessary. Shoes that are too tight or uncomfortable contribute to your feet being unnecessarily and even incorrectly strained.

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