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Holidays such as Christmas or Easter not only bring a lot of free time and good food and drink to the table, but also alcoholic beverages, such as a good whisky on the rocks. But do you really "have to" stick to this serving suggestion of the whisky or are there other exciting recipes that might refine the whisky or that you did not expect? The following article provides answers and recipes for leisure time and holidays.
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Whiskey on the rocks? This is where the spirits part
Eating and drinking naturally belong together on holidays or in leisure time, but many people also enjoy a whisky after work in the relaxing and well-deserved end of the day, usually a whisky on the rocks, i.e. a whisky with ice cubes. Other people enjoy the whisky without ice cubes or even in a cocktail mixed with coke, often in an informal setting, for example when you are out with friends or in a bar.

Whether you really want to enjoy the whisky with or without ice depends on your demands, whether you want to experience and taste the whisky with all your senses. If this is the case, you should actually avoid the ice in the whisky, as it will melt and water down the whisky over time. There are also other ways in which you can enjoy your whisky. You should simply try the variant that suits you best. There is no such thing as "right" or "wrong".

Enjoy the whisky straight
If you own a high quality whisky or are even a whisky connoisseur, you should enjoy it without ice. If you want to perceive, smell and taste all the aromas in the same way, and take enough time for this exquisite drink, the pure pleasure without ice can be very exciting. For many connoisseurs, a glass of whisky is more than just a "simple" glass. Perhaps you even use a special whisky glass so that all the aromas can come to the fore and the taste can develop over a wide area? As with fine wine, a whisky connoisseur would not reach for a mere glass of water.

Whisky on the Rocks
This is the variant of enjoying the whisky with ice cubes. Here it also depends on the type of whisky. If you have a Bourbon, Rye-Whiskeys or Scotch Blends on your shelf, you can enjoy them on the rocks without diluting the taste too much. Depending on the alcohol content in the whisky, a little ice will even do you good, but make sure that your tongue is "cooled down" accordingly. On the other hand, the "on the rocks" variant is also suitable for whisky drinkers who want to soften the whisky a bit. Whisky stones are recommended as an alternative to ice cubes. They are stored in the ice compartment and then put into the glass in a cool place, but do not melt and the whisky retains its original taste, yet you can still enjoy the drink chilled.

Other recipes: enjoy the whisky with water
This variant sounds completely absurd at first, but connoisseurs swear by exactly this variant, for example when it comes to a single malt whisky. This does not mean that you should dilute the whisky half with water - you should only put a few drops into your whisky glass, real connoisseurs even swear by real Scottish spring water. But you can also refine your whisky with a few drops of tap water. The aromas of the whisky should be fanned out by adding water - so that they develop their full flavour.
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A hot whiskey "hot toddy"
This variant can have its advantages in winter - heat up the whisky, especially Scotch blends are suitable for this. The hot whisky is often refined with cinnamon, lemon, cardamom or other spices. However, if you want to taste the aromas "pure", you should refrain from this variant.

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