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Playing darts - it's that easy

How to become a dart professional

Leisure and holidays are always a welcome change to try out new games. Playing darts is also becoming more and more popular in this country. Read the following text to find out how the game works and how even children can have fun playing it. What exactly is darts? In this game everything revolves around the large dartboard, which is hung on a wall, for example, and is marked with...

Whisky on the rocks or without ice

Enjoy whisky properly

Holidays like Christmas or Easter not only bring a lot of free time and good food and drink to the table, but also alcoholic drinks, such as a good whisky on the rocks. But do you really "have to" stick to this serving suggestion of the whisky or are there other exciting recipes that might refine the whisky or that you did not expect? The following article provides answers and recipes for leisure time...

Vegan 3 course menus

A banquet is coming up and you would like to organize a vegan menu for your guests?

Don't worry, never before have there been so many recipes and possibilities to cook vegan food and to prepare dishes and thus not only to please your vegan guests, but also to try out new things yourself. Which great recipes there can be for a vegan menu, you experience in the following. Even in the cold season, such as winter or Christmas, there are opportunities to cook vegan food for...

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